Documentary History of American Water-works

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Waterford, New York

The Village of Waterford was first settled by Europeans in 1709.

The Waterford Aqueduct Company was incorporated in 1807 by Jacobus Van Schoonhoven, James Oliphant, Samuel Stewart, John Hazard, Daniel G. Garnsey "for supplying the village of Waterford with wholesome water by means of aqueducts."  The company made at least three stockholder assessments as shown below, and published regulations governing the system in January 1808.  The records of the village were destroyed in an 1841 fire.

Waterford Gazette, September 22, 1807, Page 3 Waterford Gazette, January 5, 1808, Page 3 Waterford Gazette, September 11, 1810, Page 3

The Waterford Water-Works Company was incorporated in 1886 and built a water system.  This company was controlled by Moffett, Hodgkins, and Clarke of Watertown, which built many water systems in the 1880s and 1890s.  They usually acted as engineer and contractor in addition to owning the system. 

November 1, 1912, a taxpayers election was held and the proposition to buy the works carried. The commissioners then proceeded to sell bonds to pay for the works and took possession of the works on August 5. 1913.

The Town of Waterford currently provides water service to the village using water pumped from the Hudson River.  Due to.General's Electric PCB dredging project on the Hudson River, the US EPA paid to install a water line from the City of Troy in 2011 to provide water to Waterford and Halfmoon during the dredging operation.

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Page 328:  Waterford Village - The village records were destroyed in the great fire of 1841.

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1912 An act to provide a water supply for the town of Waterford, Saratoga county, and its inhabitants, April 15, 1912

1912 Municipal Journal & Public Works, Volume 33:556  (October 10, 1912)
Waterford, N. Y.— Water Commissioners have decided to submit to people following propositions: First—To purchase property rights, franchises, plant and equipment of Waterford Water Works Co., at price not exceeding $92,500, and to construct filtration plant in connection therewith at cost not exceeding $50,000, making total cost of plant, Including new filtration plant, $142,500. Second—To purchase property rights, franchises, plant and equipment of Water Works Company at price not exceeding $92,500, and to construct reservoir at Oil Kill Creek and gravity system to pumping station at cost not to exceed $75,000, without nitration, which would make total cost of this system, without cost of lands necessarily to be acquired, $167,500.

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2011 Protecting Drinking Water Supplies During General Electric PCB Dredging

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