Documentary History of American Water-works

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Southwestern States
Texas San Antonio

San Antonio, Texas

The first European settlers in San Antonio was first settled by Franciscans in the early 18th Century and became the largest Spanish settlement in Texas. 

The Franciscans built a canal, Pajalache or Concepcíon, to bring water to the mission, which became operational about 1720. The Espada Acequia (Espada Aqueduct) was completed 1731 to supply additional water for domestic and irrigation use.  The system is registered with the Historic American Buildings Survey are still conveys water in the local area.

In 1877, the City of San Antonio contracted with the San Antonio Water-Works Company to build a new system, which was completed in 1878.

The City of San Antonio purchased the water system in 1925 and it was recently merged with the Bexar Metropolitan Water District.

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