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Biography William J. McAlpine

William Jarvis McAlpine

William J. McAlpine was born on April 30, 1812 in New York City.

He was a member of the American Society of Civil Engineers, and its President from 1868 to 1869. He was the first American elected to membership in the Institution of Civil Engineers of Great Britain.

McAlpine died on February 16, 1890 in Staten Island, New York.

William J. McAlpine's Water Works Experience
City State Years Projects
Buffalo NY 1850 Consulted on design of system
Albany NY 1850-1852 Designed and built new system
Brooklyn NY 1851-1853 Reports on new system
Chicago IL 1851-1854 Designed and built new system.
New Bedford MA 1864-1869 Designed and built new system
Hartford CT 1865-1867 Designed new reservoir on Trout Brook
Burlington VT 1866 Report on water supply
Schenectady NY 1867 Report to water commissioners
Oswego NY 1868 Designed water works
Montréal QC 1869 Report on water works
Fall River MA 1871 Report on water supply
Norfolk VA 1871-1873 Designed and built new water works
Manchester NH 1871 Report on water supply
Troy NY 1872 Report on water sources
Buffalo NY 1874 Consulted on location of new reservoir.
Wilmington DE 1877 Report on completion of Cool Spring Reservoir
Staten Island NY 1879 Chief Engineer of Staten Island Water Company
San Francisco CA 1879 Report on water supply
New York City CA 1882 Report on water supply.
Toronto ON 1886 Report on water supply by gravitation

1850 Report made to the water commissioners of the city of Albany, August 1, 1850, on the proposed projects for supplying the city with water by William J. McAlpine

1851 Report made to the Water Commissioners of the City of Chicago, September 26, 1851, on supplying the city with water by William J. M'Alpine, Civil Engineer.

1851 Report of the Standing Committee on Water: And Communications of W.J. M'Alpine and J.B. Jervis, Esqs. Engineers, on the Subject of Water for the City of Brooklyn, presented December 22, 1851, by Brooklyn (New York, N.Y.). Common Council. Water Committee, William Jarvis McAlpine, John Bloomfield Jervis

1852 Report made to the Water Committee, of the Common Council of the City of Brooklyn, April 15th, 1852 on supplying the city with water, by William Jarvis McAlpine.

1853 "Long Island Water Works Company," Brooklyn Evening Star, September 27, 1853, Page 3.
In the preliminary investigations and surveys, John B. Jarvis, Wm. J. McAlpine, Ward B. Burnett, Daniel Marsh, and J.S. Stoddard, Esqs. have been consulted or employed.

1865 Report of the Joint Special Committee of the City Council of New Bedford: On the Introduction of Fresh Water, with the Report of Wm. J. McAlpine, the Analysis of Prof. Chace New Bedford (Mass.). City Council, George Ide Chace, William Jarvis McAlpine

1866 Report of the committee on water works, with the analysis of lake and river water by H. M. Seely and report of W. J. McAlpine, Burlington, Vt. City Council.

1866 Report of D. C. Linsley, Engineer of Burlington City Water Works, to the City Council: Made in Compliance with a Resolution Passed August 6, 1886, Instructing Him "To Report to the Board Such Plan for the Construction of Water Works As, in His Opinion, Should be Adopted."

1866 Reply of Wm. J. McAlpine, to the report of D.C. Linsley, engineer of Burlington city water works, made to the city council October 7, 1866, by William J McAlpine

1867 Report of the Hon. Wm. J. McAlpine . to the Water Commissioners of the City of Schenectady, A.D. 1867.

1868 Review of the McAlpine pumping machine : recently constructed for the New Bedford Water Works, by Roswell E. Briggs, with an introduction by Hon. William J. McAlpine

1869 Report of W.J. McAlpine, Esq., C.E. on the water works of the city of Montreal

1870 Montreal water works. A reply to Cooke & Plunkett's pamphlet by William J. McAlpine

1871 Report and plans of the Hon. W. J. McAlpine for a supply of water for the city of Norfolk, February, 1871.

1871 Report on the water supply for the city of Manchester, by William J. McAlpine, civil engineer, made May 27, 1871.

1872 For the City of Troy:  A Report made to the Water Commissioners by Hon. Wm. J. McAlpine, together with Analyses of the Waters from the Different Sources Examined.

1879 Report made to the Staten Island Water Supply Company for supplying the village of New Brighton, Edgewater, and Port Richmond, Staten Island, with pure and wholesome water, by William Jarvis McAlpine;

1879 A Memoir on the Water Supply of the City of San Francisco, by Wm. J. McAlpine

1882 A report of a plan for supplementing the Croton water supply to the City of New York from the Ramapo District, by William J. McAlpine.  April 30, 1882.

1886 Report to the City Council of Toronto on the proposed water supply by gravitation [microform] : from the Oak Ridge Lakes and the rivers Don and Rouge, with map, &c., by William J. McAlpine and Kivas Tully

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