Documentary History of American Water-works

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Ownership and Financing of American Water Works
Samuel R. Bullock

Samuel R. Bullock

Samuel R. Bullock was born in February, 1847 in Maryland.  He was living in Philadelphia in 1870 and Chicago in 1880.  He reportedly worked for Abendroth & Root Manufacturing Company for seven years before establishing a partnership with William S. Mercer in 1885.  An 1894 book claims that he was the New York manager for the Holly Manufacturing Company of Lockport for five years, but no other references to that have been found.   

Statistical Tables of American Water Works 3:48 (1887)

Bullock and Mercer were involved as contractors for the water works in Lima, Ohio in 1885, but they then focused on developing and owning water systems. The first hint of potential financial difficulties arose in August, 1887, when a draft for $7,000 was refused for insufficient funds.  Mercer quite the partnership the following month, but Bullock continued work on the projects until November, 1887, when he was hit with several judgments, including one from his own engineer, Clarence Delafield.  The bondholders took control of the various water companies, except one in Greensburg, Indiana,where Bullock completed the system. Bullock secured a water franchise in Hopkinsville, Kentucky in 1895, but immediately sold it to a local firm shortly after he reacquired the Paducah Water Company.  Bullock was also president of the Altamont Water Company in Gallitzin, Pennsylvania in 1905 and 1906.  Bullock engaged good engineers, contractors, and material, as all of the systems were well built by all accounts.

Lima OH City of Lima None Bullock & Merger were contractors for some part of the work in 1885..
Sharon PA Sharon Water-Works Co May, 1885 Completed December, 1885;
Paducah KY Paducah Water Supply Co October 13, 1884 Bullock bought existing franchise; completed February 1886; Sold March 1, 1888.  Bullock bought this system again in October, 1895, just before city voters turned down a proposal to build municipal water works.  It is not known when he sold his interest in the company.
Pensacola FL Pensacola Water Co November 11, 1885 Completed in June 1886;
Corry PA Corry Water Works Co January 20, 1886 Bullock hired as contractor and bought existing company from Isaac Brown; completed in October, 1886.
Denison TX Denison City Water Co. October 31, 1885 Bullock bought franchise in December 1885, completed in November, 1886;
Massillon OH Massillon Water Co 1853 Bullock bought system in June, 1886 and built new work; completed in February, 1887.
Vincennes IN Vincennes Water Supply Co August, 1885 Bullock bought existing company; completed Spring, 1887
Warren OH Warren Water Company August, 1886 Completed May, 1887;
Wabash IN Wabash Water Co. July 27, 1886 Completed July, 1887.
Shreveport LA Shreveport Water-Works Co. August 12, 1886 Completed in July, 1887;
Mobile AL Bienville Water Supply Co February 17, 1883 Existing company contracted with Bullock, who then acquired company, completed September, 1887.
Greencastle IN Greencastle Water-Works Co. August 23, 1886 Bullock contracted with local company, which he then acquired; Completed October, 1887; Sold December 30, 1888 to Philadelphia syndicate..
Memphis TN Citizens Water Co 1886 Bullock attempted to buy existing system, but city wanted to build its own works.
Circleville OH Circleville Water Supply Co August 9, 1886 Completed December 1, 1887.
Chester PA New Chester Water Co May 1, 1885 Completed in June, 1888;
Stevens' Point WI Stevens' Point Water Co. March 19, 1887 Completed in July, 1888.
Jeffersonville IN Jeffersonville Water Supply Co July 19, 1887 Completed in December, 1888.
Defiance OH Defiance Water Co. August 18, 1887 Completed March, 1889;
Vicksburg MS Vicksburg Water Supply Co. November 17, 1886 Completed March, 1889
Natchez MS Natchez Water Co. March 23, 1887 Bullock awarded contract but it was cancelled for non-performance in June, 1888.  New franchises awarded to J.A. Jones who completed works in August, 1889.
Greensburg IN Greensburg Water Co. April 20, 1888 Bullock let contract to Russel & Craig of Greensburg; franchise re-let to Bullock May 17, 1889; completed April 25, 1890.
Marion OH Marion Water-Works Co. February 18, 1887 Bullock bought franchise from Holly Mfg Co. and started work on system, but was unable to finish work and franchise was annulled on September 7, 1888.  New franchise awarded to Howland & Ellis, who completed the system on June 12, 1890.
Goldsboro NC Goldsboro Water Co.
An 1894 book lists this as having been built by Bullock, but it was actually built by his former workers, including Eugene F. Fuller and John W. Nelson, who were then working for Woltmann, Keith & Co. and completed it in July 1890. 
August 6, 1895
Bullock sold franchise in December 1895 to Winkinson & Smallhouse of Bowling Green; completed in February, 1896.
Gallitzin PA Altamont Water Co.
Bullock was president of this company in 1904-1905

In addition to water works, Bullock was involved in developing hotels, bridges, railroads, gas light plants and several manufacturing companies. 

Tablet in Greene Auditorium at Vincennes University Stevens Point Journal, March 28, 1979, Page 25.

He was involved in several court cases relating to his finances, and was 55 when arrested in April 1903 in New York City for suspected mail fraud, but was discharged. The only picture we have of Bullock is from this court case:

New York Herald, August 6, 1903, Page 4.

He was president of the Altamont Water Company in Gallitzin, Pennsylvania in 1904 and 1905.   He became paralyzed from a stroke on December 30, 1906 while traveling on business in Richmond, Virginia and died on February 26, 1908.  He is buried in Greenwood Cemetery, lot 28307 Section 136

Some of the men who worked for Bullock:

William S. Mercer (1851-1895)  Born in England, after leaving the partnership with Bullock in 1887 he tried to develop water works in Creston, Iowa and Osage, Kansas, the latter with Bullock's younger brother John.  Neither were built.

Emil C. A. Woltmann (1850-1924) Born in Germany, involved in many of Bullock's projects, formed the partnership of Woltmann, Keith & Co. with George T. Keith.  They employed several men who had worked for Bullock and built water-works, railroads, and bridges.  Woltmann was involved in an attempt by Kessler & Company to buy the Los Angeles Water Company in 1898. Woltmann moved to Los Angeles sometime after 1900.

Eugene Frederick "Fred" Fuller (1859-1929)

1878 "Bullock Held for Embezzlement," The Times (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania), April 17, 1878, Page 4.
Samuel R. Bullock, a Philadelphian, lately raveling salesman for Palm and Fechteler, importers of transfer ornaments, New York, had a hearing before Magistrate Smith yesterday on the charge of embezzling collections made here.

1883 Chicago Tribune, January 25, 1883, Page 1.
To The Public.  Samuel R. Bullock is not in our employ, and not authorized to use our name in any transaction.  Sam'l I. Pope & Co.

1883 "Lowitz must stand the loss," Chicago Daily News, December 22, 1883, Page 1.
Pope & Co. will not be required to refund money borrowed by Bullock.

1885 The Marion Star (Marion, Ohio), January 24, 1885, Page 3.
Recently Messrs S.R. Bullock and W.S. Mercer, of N.Y., stopped in this city while on their way to Lima where they have water works in the course of construction.  These gentlemen would like to put water works in Marion and agree to do it without expense to the corporation of the city if the city will furnish a guarantee that no other works will are built.  They will construct the works entirely at their own expense and conduct them for five years and then sell them to the city or retain them at the option of the corporation.  The plan seems a most feasible one and should receiver consideration by our city.  These gentlemen will soon return to Marion to look the matter up and we hope to chronicle the consummation of some plan by which we are to have a system of water works.

1885 Engineering News 13:318 (May 16, 1885)
A franchise has been obtained for the construction of water-wokrs at Sharon, Pa.  Bullock & Mercer of New York at the Contractors and Geo. H. Pierson, C.E. the engineer.  There will be 80 fire hydrants; no other particulars are given.
The construction of the Paducah, Ky., water-works is to commence June 1.  The Paducah Water Supply Co., of Baltimore, Md., will build them, Chas D. Gaither, President; E. F. Fuller, Chief Engineer and Messrs. Bullock & Mercer, contractors.  The population is 15,000.  Water is to be taken from a receiving and filtering basin, 2,000 feet long, located in the Ohio River, and conveyed across the Tennessee River into the city.  There will be two pumps of 2,000,000 gallons each; a stand-pipe 175 feet high and 22 feet in diameter; 12 miles of pipe from 16 to 6 inch diameter, and 150 fire hydrants.

1886 "A Sale and a Fire," Intelligencer Journal (Lancaster, Pennsylvania, November 27, 1886, Page 2.
Memphis, Tenn., Nov. 27.- The city water-works were sold to-day to Samuel R. Bullock & Co., of New York, for $500,000, they took up all outstanding bonds.

1887 Engineering News, 17:15 (January 1, 1887)
Memphis, Tenn., Owing to the city legislative council having decided that the city should build works, the Memphis Water Co. has been unable to consummate the sale of the plant to Samuel R. Bullock & Co., of New York City.  It is probable they will make another proposition to the city.  There is very divided opinion, but the general idea is that the city will not erect its own works.  A proposition to erect water-works for the city has been made by Messrs. Turner, Dillaworth & Rawson, of Boston, Mass., at terms considerably below any other offer yet made.  It will receive careful consideration.

1887 "S. R. Bullock--Something About the Man and his Firm in New York," The Vicksburg Herald, January 13, 1887, Page 2.

1887 The Greencastle Times, July 28, 1887, Page 5.
Mr. Isaac S. Cassin, late chief engineer of the Philadelphia, Pa., water works and gas works, was in the city Tuesday inspecting the system here.  He is a friend of S.R. Bullock & Co., the contractors for the Greencastle works.

1887 "Contractors in Trouble," The New York Times, August 28, 1887, Page 2.

1887 "S. R. Bullock not Disturbed," New-York Tribune, August 29, 1887, Page 2.

1887 "Covered with Attachments," The Marion Star (Marion, Ohio), September 3, 1887, Page 5.

1887 New York Herald, October 4, 1887, Page 9
The partnership of Samuel R. Bullock and William S. Mercer was dissolved as of September 30, 1887. Samuel R. Bullock will carry on the work alone.

1888 Engineering Record 17:142 (January 28, 1888)
Creston, Iowa,- Concerning the water-works question here, our correspondent writes "Franchise for water-works has been granted to William S. Mercer & Co., of New York."

1888 Fire and Water Engineering 4(17) (October 27, 1888) | also here |
Stevens Point, Wis., recently purchased 1000 feet of "Maltese Cross" fire hose. The water-works at this point, built by the Stevens Point Water-works Company, have been completed.

1888 "In a Syndicate's Charge," New York Times, November 18, 1888, Page 15.
The affairs of Samuel R. Bullock, Water Works Contractor.

1888 "Big Contractor in Trouble," Chicago Tribune, November 18, 1888, Page 11.

1888 "Citation Notice," Vicksburg Evening Post, November 19, 1888, Page 4.
Clarence Delafield v. Samuel R. Bullock, judgment for $8,400.

1888 "Too Heavy a Load," Fire and Water Engineering 4(21) (November 28, 1888) | also here |
The fact that judgments and attachments for $10,470 had been obtained against Samuel R. Bullock of No. 11 Wall street caused rumors that this well-known water-works contractor was seriously embarrassed. It was also reported that he had turned over his property to three of his largest creditors. It is now explained by his friends that the judgments and attachments were taken by consent to protect Mr. Bullock, and was a friendly matter, and that he has not suspended or made an assignment. Mr. Bullock, it is said, found that he could not carry on alone the work he might have done had money not been tight, and has turned his business over to a syndicate consisting of the First National Bank of New York, R. D. Wood & Co. of Philadelphia and W. G. Hopper & Co. of Philadelphia, who, it is reported, have lent him some $2,500,000 or $3,000,000 on water-works bonds to carry on his enterprises. This syndicate has taken the contracts, and will finish the works under Mr. Bullock’s supervision, sell the bonds and turn the surplus over to him.
Since Mr. Bullock began business in April, 1885, with $6,000 capital, he has built water-works in twenty-two cities. A company was formed at each place where the water-works were constructed. All the water-works were bonded for construction, and stock was also issued. The magnitude of the operations necessitated large loans, which were obtained on the bonds as collateral. Among the water-works constructed by Mr. Bullock are the following, with the amount of bonds and stock issued: Sharon, Pa., bonds $100,000, stock $200,000 ; Paducah, Ky., bonds $150,000, stock $150,000; Pensacola, Fla., bonds $150,000, stock $150,000; Corry, Pa., bonds $100,000, stock $200,000; Massillon, O., bonds $200,000, stock $200,000; Vincennes, Ind., bonds, $175,000, stock $200.000; Denison, Tex., bonds $200,000, stock $200,000; Warren. O., bonds $150,000, stock $150,000; Circleville, O., bonds $150,000, stock $150,000; Wabash, Ind., bonds $130,000, stock $150,000; Greencastle, Ind., bonds $150,000, stock $150,000 ; Mobile, Ala., bonds $750,000, stock $500,000 ; Shreveport, La., bonds $250,000. stock $250,000; Vicksburg, Miss., bonds $250,000, stock $250,000; Chester, Pa., bonds $800,000, stock $1,600,000. The bonds of these water-works aggregate $3,655,000.

1888 "Greencastle Water Works Changes Owners," Daily Wabash Express (Terre Haute, Indiana), December 22, 1888, Page 2.
The entire stock of the Greencastle Water-Works company, which has been under the control of S.R. Bullock & Co., of New York City, has been sold to a syndicate of Philadelphia capitalists.  The new directors organized and elected General D. C. Williams, of this city, president.

1888 History of Mercer County, Pennsylvania : its past and present
Page 405:  The Sharon Water-works were incorporated November 20, 1883, with a capital stock of $20,000,. divided into 200 shares of the par value of $100 each.
The first board of directors consisted of John C. Owsley, J. S. Fruit, Ellis Morrison, Charles S. Wallace and W. D. Wallace. The present officers are: President, Samuel R. Bullock; vice-president, John C. Owsley; directors, William S. Mercer, Alex. McDowell and Ellis Morrison; secretary, Ellis Morrison; treasurer, E. Waltman; superintendent, E. J. Robinson. The borough is supplied from a reservoir elevated 319 feet, located northwest of Sharon, in Ohio, into which water is forced from the Shenango River. There are eighty fire plugs and ten miles of mains inside the corporation.

1889 Franke v. Paducah Water Supply Co., April 23, 1889, 88 Ky. 467, Court of Appeals of Kentucky

1889 McNeal Pipe & Foundry Co. v. Bullock, 38 Fed. 565, April 29, 1889, Circuit Court, Southern District of Alabama

1889 The Indianapolis Journal, May 18, 1889, Page 2.
Greensburg, May 17.- At the regular meeting of the City Council to-night the contract for the building of the water works was re-let to Samuel R. Bullock of New York, to be completed by October 1, of this year.

1889 "Mercer Did Not Abscond," The Hazleton Sentinel, July 25, 1889, Page 1.

1889 "Mr. Mercer's Affairs," The New York Times, July 28, 1889, Page 9.

1889 "It was an unfortunate firm," The Weekly Democrat (Natchez, Mississippi), August 7, 1889, Page 3.
The firm of S. R. Bullock & Co., of New York, who were the first contractors for the water works in Natchez, seems to be in a bad way.  After the firm went to pieces Wm. S. Mercer, the junior member, started into business himself, and contracted to build a water works at Creston, Iowa, but threw up the springe on it.  He then branched out as a contractor and builder in New York City.  He secured several contracts, started the buildings, and then, according to the New York Herald, collected a considerable amount of money, and skipped, leaving his creditors in the lurch.

1889 Paducah Lumber Co. v. Paducah Water Supply Co., December 5, 1889, 89 Ky. 340, Court of Appeals of Kentucky

1890 "New Charters," The Topeka Daily Press, January 7, 1890, Page 4.
The Osage City Water Company.  Directors:  John A Martin, Heny N. Shaw, Charles Stackhouse, Charles M. Berrian, Denton W. Duryea, John J. Bullock and William S. Mercer. [John J. Bullock could be Samuel R. Bullock's younger brother.]

1890 "Greensburg's Water-Works Satisfactory," The Richmond Item (Richmond, Indiana), April 26, 1890, Page 1.
Greensburg, Ind., April 26 - A test was made yesterday by the contractor, Samuel R. Bullock, of our water-works, which proved satisfactory to him and the city.  Six streams were thrown at a time, and to the height of about 100 feet.  The supply is from driven wells and seems to be ample for all demands of the people of this city.  The best of machinery is used and the plant cost about $60,000.  The city council will accept the plant. 

1890 "We Welcome the Gentleman," Henderson Gold Leaf (Henderson, North Carolina), June 26, 1890, Page 3.
had the pleasure of a call last Friday from Mr. John W. Nelson, representing Messrs. Woltmann, Keith & Co., of New York, the construction company who will build and operate the Henderson water works. Mr. Nelson bore a letter introduction from a personal friend of the writer's, Mr. T. H. Bain, City Clerk of Goldsboro, Henderson. where he has just completed what is said to be one of the most perfect systems of water works in the country, and while the gentleman needs no words of recommendation or commendation, to one who has been with him, even for a short while, after reading Mr. Bain's cordial and friendly letter concerning him and his work we felt that we had met an old friend and acquaintance and extended to Mr. Nelson a hearty welcome to our town. He will be the superintending engineer in charge of construction.
During the last six years Mr. Nelson has built on an average of two water works plants a year, at Paducah, Ky., Jeffersonville, Ind., Greencastle, Ind., Shreveport, La., Mobile, Ala., Dennison, Texas; Sharon, Pa., and other places, his last work being at Goldsboro. The Argus of that city, after an acquaintance of fifteen months with Mr Nelson and upon the completion of his work there says this:
The genial, courteous and thoroughly progressive "Johnnie W." Nelson, of the Goldsboro Water Company, who superintended the construction of the plant here,from the survey to the finish, is off to Henderson, N. C. to take charge of the construction of a water works plant for that city. If he does as well by Henderson, as he has done for Goldsboro, then Henderson will have together with Goldsboro, what is conceded to be by all investigating experts, and what is in fact, one of the very best water works plants in the country. We are all sorry to see "Johnnie W." leave town. During the fifteen months that he has spent in Goldsboro few men have made a more favorable impression and gained more lasting friends. His measurement of men was not by dollars and cents, and his friendships were not of the "interested" kind. Many a kindly act of charity done to the needy, and without ostentation, will be remembered with blessing to his memory. He takes with him the best wishes of his many friends here, who will always be glad to see him in our city.

1890 Wood et al. v. Corry Water-Works Co. et al., 44 Fed Rep 146, November 24, 1890, Circuit Court, Western District of Pennsylvania.

1891 Holly Manufacturing Co. et al. v. New Chester Water Co. et al.. 48 Fed. Rep. 879, September 19, 1891, Circuit Court. Eastern District of Pennsylvania.

1892 New Chester Water Co. et al. v. Holly Manufacturing Co. et al, 53 Fed. Rep. 19, November 14, 1892, Circuit Court of Appeals, Third Circuit

1892 New Chester Water Co. et al. v. Holly Manufacturing Co., 149 U.S. 782, December 12, 1892, U.S. Supreme Court
Petition for a writ of certiorari denied.

1894 "Everett Council Proceedings," The Seattle Post-Intelligencer, April 12, 1894, Page 2.
At the meeting of the city council last night Ellis Morris, of Seattle, was present and filed his acceptance of the water works franchise granted him last week.

1894 Byers v. Schulpe et al., 51 Ohio St. 300, April 24, 1894, Supreme Court of Ohio

1894 "Suits on Promissory Notes," The Philadelphia Inquirer, September 20, 1894, Page 2.
Richard Wood, George Wood, Walter Wood and Stuart Wood, trading as R.D. Wood & Co., yesterday began an action in the Common Pleas Court against Samuel R. Bullock and William S. Mercer, trading as Samuel R. Bullock  Co., to recover $247,530, the aggregate amount of twenty-nine promissory notes, said to have been given by the defendant to the plaintiffs between June 18 and October 20, 1888.  The notes range in amounts from $2000 to $11,000.

1894 New York, 1894:  Illustrated
Page 181:  Samuel R. Bullock, Water Works Construction and Finance, 907 Havemeyer Building, No. 20 Cortlandt Street. — One of the most eminent and responsible contractors for the construction of water works in this country is Mr. Samuel R. Bullock, w ho established himself in business here in 1879, and is widely recognized as a gentleman of thorough practical skill and experience, as well as energy and enterprise, and fully conversant with every detail and feature pertaining to the class of work to which he devotes his attention. He is an accepted authority on all matters relating to the building and operating of city water works, and possesses complete equipment for the work, being at all times prepared to give estimates and construct whatever system is best suited to the place. Among the more noteworthy achievements attesting his ability and success as contractor, may be named the water works built by him at Chester, Pa., at a cost of $1,000,000; Massillon, O., $250,000; Vicksburg, Miss., $250.000; Shreveport, La., $250,000; Denison, Tex., $200,000; Vincennes, Ind., $200,000; Jeffersonville. Ind.. $175,000; Paducah, Ky., $150.000; Mobile, Ala., $750,000; Pensacola, Fla., $150.000; Circleville, O., $150,000; Defiance, O., $150,000; Greencastle, Ind., $150.000; Stevens Point, Wis., $150,000; Greensburg, Ind., $125,000; Sharon, Pa., $100,000; Corry. Pa., $100,000; Goldsboro, N. C, $100.000. All contracts undertaken by him are certain to be executed in the most careful, competent and trustworthy manner. Mr. Bullock is a native of Pennsylvania, a resident of Brooklyn, and still in the active prime of life. He was for several years New York manager for the Holly Manufacturing Company, of Lockport, N. Y.: was five years in the Second Pennsylvania National Guard, at Philadelphia; and is a member of the F. and A. M., the I. O. O. F. and the K. of P. He is highly respected for his ability and integrity, and conducts his business on the soundest principles of commercial honor.

1895 "Waterworks at Last," Hopkinsville Kentuckian, July 26, 1895, Page 1.
After six weeks of earnest endeavors the city council has at last settled the waterworks question by accepting the proposition of Samuel R. Bullock, of New York.
Mr. Bullock has put in twenty-three waterworks plants, including those at Paducah, Ky., and Jeffersonville and Vincennes, Ind.

1895 "Paducah Water Works Sold," The Richmond Climax (Richmond, Kentucky), October 9, 1895, Page 4.
Paducah, Ky., Oct. 5. - Col. Samuel R. Bullock of New York, has purchased the Paducah water works. Price is kept a secret.  The stock of the company is valued at $150,000 and the bonded indebtedness is $150,000.

1895 New York Herald, December 15, 1895, Page 1.
Deaths.  Mercer.- on Friday, December 13, at the residence of his brother-in-law, John J. Von Dohlen, 348 South 6th ave., Mount Vernon, N.Y., William Stewart Mercer, in his 44th year.

1896 McNeal Pipe & Foundry Co. v. Bullock, 174 Pa. 93, March 2, 1896, Supreme Court of Pennsylvania

1904 The Altoona Mirror, June 13, 1904, Page 5.
S. R. Bullock, sr., president of Altamont Water company, of Gallitzin, and a member of the S. R. Bullock Contracting company, departed on Sunday for a ten day's visit to New York City.

1905 The Altoona Mirror, February 8, 1905, Page 5.
S. R. Bullock, president of the S.R. Bullock Contracting company of New York, and president of the Altamont Water company, at Gallitzin, was in the city yesterday on business.

1906 "Stricken at Hotel," The Times-Dispatch (Richmond, Virginia), December 31, 1906, Page 5.
New York Traveling Man Ill at the Jefferson.  Mr. S.R. Bullock, of New York, a traveling man representing a large gas works supply firm, and well known to Superintendent Knowles, of the local gas department, and others in the city, was stricken with paralysis Saturday night in the cafe of the Jefferson Hotel, and is in a serious, though no immediately alarming, condition.

1907 Mayor and Aldermen of the City of Vicksburg, Appl., v. Vicksburg Waterworks Company, 206 U.S. 496, May 27, 1907, United States Supreme Court

1914 Ellis Morrison (1850-1914) grave | Pennsylvania House of Representatives biography |

1914 "Ellis Morrison Passes," Morning Oregonian, September 14, 1914, Page 10
Washington Politician, One-Time Head of State Senate, Dead.
SEATTLE, Wash., Sept. 13. Ellis Morrison, a former member of the Seattle City Council and at one time Speaker In the House in Washington State Legislature, died at t o'clock this morning at his home, 1816 Terry avenue. Death was due to a gradual decline caused by age.
For nearly 25 years his activities have contributed to the growth of this city and state and he had been recognised as a potent factor in the political and financial fields.
In 1890 Mr. Morrison came to Seattle from Pennsylvania. Since that time he has been actively engaged In financial circles. For six years he was a member of the City Council and In 1902 was chairman of the Republican Stale Central Committee. In 1908 ha was a Republican candidate for nomination as Lieutenant-Governor.

The Shreveport Water Works Museum, by Vona Weiss
In 1886, Samuel R. Bullock was awarded the franchise and, in just a year, the Shreveport Water Works Company was open for business.

Hopkinsville Water Environment Authority
On July 24, 1895, city council dropped Starr and instead sold the water works franchise to Samuel R. Bullock of New York. The franchise was ratified on Aug. 6, 1895, for a period of 20 years. It specified in detail the kind of plant that would be erected, established a schedule of water rates and specified rental procedures for the 102 fire hydrants that would be installed. Bullock failed to honor the franchise and it subsequently was sold to Standard Construction Company of Bowling Green. H.D. Fitch was president and the name was changed to Hopkinsville Water Company.

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