Documentary History of American Water-works

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Southwestern States
Colorado Denver

Denver, Colorado

Denver was established in 1859.

The Capitol Hydraulic Company of Arrapahoe County was incorporated in 1860 by A. C. Hunt, Charles H. Gratiot, John A. Clark, Thomas Pollock, Henry Allen, William M. Slaughter, Richard Sopris, A. P. Vasquez, A. Sagendorf, W. N. Byers, H. H. Scovill, Jr., J. A. McDonell, F. Z. Solomon, and John H. Wing "to conduct the water from both said streams by canal or ditch across the plains or intervening lands to the cities of Auraria, Denver and Highland, in the county of Arapahoe, territory of Kansas, and have the exclusive privilege of using and controlling the same for mechanical, agricultural, mining and city purposes."

The first waterworks were built by the Denver City Water Company in 1872.

The waterworks are currently owned by the Denver Board of Water Commissioners.

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