Documentary History of American Water-works

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New England States Massachusetts Ashburnham

Ashburnham, Massachusetts

Ashburnham was incorporated as a town in 1765.

Water was apparently first supplied by the Ashburnham Reservoir Company in 1870, but no direct record of this has been found.

The Ashburnham Water Company was incorporated in 1871 and operated until 1882, which it was reorganized as the Naukeag Water Company.

The Naukeag  Water Company was bought by the Town of Ashburnham in 1897 for $12,000.

Water is provided by Ashburnham Winchendon Joint Water Authority and distributed by the Town of Ashburnham.

1845 An act to incorporate the Ashburnham Reservoir Company.  February 28, 1845.

1853 An act to incorporate the Ashburnham Reservoir Company.  May 2, 1853.

1871 An act to incorporate the Ashburnham Water Company.  May 28, 1871.

1882 "Ashburnham," Fitchburg Sentinel, October 12, 1882, Page 3.
The Ashburnham Water company is building a fine dam near the old spot.  The capacity of the reservoir will be increased many fold, and a permanent supply of water will be insured.

1882 Worcester Daily Spy, August 21, 1882, Page 4.
The Ashburnham Water Company has reorganized with the choice of officers as follows:  Ivers W. Adams, president; Walter R. Adams, clerk; Simeon Merritt, treasurer.  It is the purpose of this comany to build a reservoir upon the land recently purchased by S.P. Fairbank, which is expected to be of sufficient capacity to supply all the demands of the village.

1883 An act to incorporate the Naukeag Water Company.  May 25, 1883.

1884 Ashburnham, from Engineering News 12:250  (November 22, 1884)

1887 History of Ashburnham, Massachusetts, from the Grant of Dorchester Canada to the Present Time, 1734-1886: With a Genealogical Register of Ashburnham Families, by Ezra S. Stearns

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1892 An act to authorize the Naukeag Water Company to increase its water supply.  May 31, 1892.

1897 "Ashburnham," Fitchburg Sentinel, May 10, 1897, Page 5.
The Naukeag Water Company offer its plant to the town of Ashburnham for the sum of $12,000 and in addition rental of hydrants due Jan. 1, 1897, almost remittance of taxes, if any.  Ivers W. Adams, Pres Naukeag Water Co.
W.O. Parker moved that the town accept the proposition of the Naukeag Water company, and that a committee be appointed to carry this vote into immediate effect.

1897 "Ashburnham," from Manual of American Water Works, Volume 4.

1912 An act to authorize the town of Ashburnham to supply itself and its inhabitants with water.  March 28, 1912.

1967 An act authorizing the joint ownership and operation of certain municipal water supplies by the towns of Ashburnham and Winchendon.  November 18, 1967.

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