Documentary History of American Water-works

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Little Falls, New York

The City of Little Falls was first settled around 1723.

The Aqueduct Association in the Village of Little-Falls was incorporated in 1806 by William Alexander, William Carr, Clark Shurtleff, Daniel Bellows, Samuel F. Hooker and Robert Beasley "for supplying the village of Little-Falls, in the county of Herkimer, with water by means of conduits or aqueducts."

In 1888 the Aqueduct Association supplied water to four hotels and 168 other customers.  Nancy M. Boyer had acquired all of the firm's capital stock in 1883, making her the first women to wholly own a water company.  Unfortunately in 1886 the Village of Little Falls installed its own water works system and destroyed the older aqueduct pipes.  Boyer sued the Village for damages and won.

The Bellinger water-works company at Little-Falls was incorporated in 1833 by Christopher P. Bellinger, Richard N. Casler, Henry Heath, George H. Feeter, John Dygert, Moses Drake, Zenas C. Priest and Arphaxed Loomis "for the purpose of effectually supplying with water that part of the said village lying on the south side of the Mohawk river."  No further information has been found about this company.

The Little Falls Water-works company was incorporated in 1872 by Zenas C. Priest, William I. Skinner, Harry Burrell, Lorenzo Carryl, John P. Shaver, Jean R. Stebbins, Martin W. Priest, Charles Benedict, Titus Sheard, Joshua J. Gilbert, Watts T. Loomis, Seth M. Richmond and Wells Sponable "to procure and furnish a supply of pure and wholesome water for the village of Little Falls."  No further information has been found about this company.

In 1886, the village proposed building a water system under the 1875 village water works law, while a separate 1886 law formed a board of water commissioners for the City.  They built a system that was completed in 1888 and used salt-glazed vitrified pipe.

The City of Little Falls currently provides water service.

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1833 An act to incorporate the Bellinger water-works company at Little-Falls, April 29, 1833.

1872 An act to incorporate the Little Falls Water-works Company, February 16, 1872.

1886 An act to transfer the duties of water commissioners of the village of Little Falls to a board of water commissioners, and to create such board, February 11, 1886

1886 An act entitled “An act to authorize the village of Little Falls to supply its inhabitants with pure and wholesome water and to issue bonds to raise money for such purpose,” March 8, 1886.

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