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Biography Alonzo R. Ketcham

Alonzo R. Ketcham

Alonzo R. Ketcham was born on August 15, 1814 in New York City.  After learning the trade of millright, he superintended the construction of large cotton mills in North Carolina.  Battin, Dungan & Co. contracted to build water works in Buffalo in 1849, and engaged Ketcham to work for them.  He became superintendent of those works when they began service in 1852 until 1874, when he went into business as a consulting engineer in 1872, working in Rochester, Memphis, Flushing, Atlanta, and elsewhere.  He return to superintend the Buffalo water works from 1880 to 1882.  He also held several patents.

He died in Buffalo on January 15, 1890.

Alonzo R. Ketcham's Water Works Experience
City State Years Projects
Buffalo NY 1849-1874
Superintendent of water works
Memphis TN 1872 Designed and built Holly water works for city.
Atlanta GA 1873-1875 Designed and built Holly water works for city...
Rochester NY 1874?
Flushing NY 1874 Designed and built Holly water works for village

1864 A brief history of the organization and progress of the Buffalo Water Works Company,  Read before the Buffalo Historical Club by A.R. Ketcham, Monday evening, March 28th, 1864.

1869 Plan of Water Supply for Buffalo

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