Documentary History of American Water-works

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Technology Aqueducts

Notable Long Aqueducts Used in American Waterworks

This is a list of some notable longer aqueducts built in America for water supply:

Length (Miles)
Owner Material
Source Comments
1754 Northampton MA 2 Charles Goodrich
Bored wood logs Springs Unsuccessful either to bad construction or broken up by neighbor
1786 Hudson NY 2 Consumers
Bored wood logs Springs
1798 Albany NY 5 Albany Water Works Co. Bored wood logs Springs at Five Mile House Unsuccessful, replaced by aqueduct from Mazelant Kill
1798 Boston MA 5 Aqueduct Corporation Bored wood logs Jamaica Pond One mile replace by iron pipe in 1822, all replaced with iron in 1840.
1800 Albany NY 3.5 Albany Water Works Co. Bored wood logs Mazelant Kill Replaced with iron in 1813
1842 New York City NY 40 City of New York Masonry
Croton Reservoir
1848 Boston MA 14.5 City of Boston Brick Lake Cochituate
Brooklyn NY 12.39
City of Brooklyn
Hempstead Pond

1859 Washington DC 11
Corps of Engineers Masonry
Potomac Great Falls
1870 Rochester NY 17 Rochester Water Works Co. Wood staves Smithton Creek Completed September 27, 1870, but never operated.
1876 Rochester NY 30 City of Rochester Wrought Iron Honeoye Lake
1892 Denver CO 17 Denver Union Water Company
Wood Stave Platte River
1913 Los Angeles CA 233 City of Los Angeles Various Owens Valley Second aqueduct opened in 1970.
1934 San Francisco CA 167 City of San Francisco

Hetch Hetchy Reservoir

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