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Rochester was first settled in 1811 and incorporated as the Village of Rochesterville on March 21, 1817.  The name was changed to Rochester on April 12, 1822 and it was incorporated as a city on April 28, 1834.

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General History References
1817 An act to incorporate the village of Rochesterville, in the county of Genesee.  March 21, 1817.

1822 An act to appoint a Commissioner to ascertain and establish the Courses and Bounds of Buffalo and Carroll-streets, in the Village of Rochesterville, in the county of Monroe, and for altering the Name of said Village.  April 12, 1822.
III.  That from and after the first day of May next, the name of said village and corporaiton, instead of Rochesterville, shall be Rochester.

1828 Rochester in 1827. With a map of the village, by Jesse Hawley and Elisa Ely. February, 1828.

1834 An act to incorporate the city of Rochester.  April 28, 1834.

1838 Settlement in the West: Sketches of Rochester by Henry O’Reilly | also here |

1841 America historical, statistic and descriptive, by James Silk Buckingham
Chapter III - Rochester

1842 A Gazetteer of the State of New York: Comprising Its Topography, Geology, Mineral Resources, Civil Divisions, Canals, Railroads and Public Institutions; Together with General Statistics; the Whole Alphabetically Arranged. Also Statistical Tables of Distances with a New Township Map of the State, by John Disturnell

1846 "Sketch of Rochester, Monroe County, New-York," Fisher's National Magazine and Industrial Record 3(6):568-579 (November, 1846) | also here |

1847 Daily American Directory of the City of Rochester for 1847-8

1854 The Lives and Reminiscences of the Pioneers of Rochester and Western New York, by John Kelsey

1860 Early History of Rochester. 1810 to 1827, with comparisons of its growth and progress to 1860, by Jesse Hawley and Elisa Ely. | also here |

1860 Gazetteer of the State of New York: Embracing a Comprehensive View of the Geography, Geology, and General History of the State, and a Complete History and Description of Every County, City, Town, Village and Locality: With Full Table of Statistics, by John Homer French

1868 Desultory notes and reminiscences of the city of Rochester: its early history, remarkable men and events, strange revelations of the murders, mysteries and miseries, casualties, curiosities and progress of this young and growing city, for the last 50 years, by an Octogenarian. [Lyman Barker Langworthy|

1877 History of Monroe County, New York, by Prof. Wm. H. McIntosh | also here |

1884 Semi-centennial History of the City of Rochester: With Illustrations and Biographical Sketches of Some of Its Prominent Men and Pioneers, by William Farley Peck

1884 Rochester: A Story Historical by Jenny Marsh Parker

1890 City of Rochester illustrated: descriptive, historical and statistical review.

1894 Rochester; Its Founders and Founding, by Howard L. Osgood "Read before the Rochester Historical Society, April 13th, 1894."

1895 A History of the City of Rochester from the Earliest Times, by the Rochester Post Express. | also here |

1895 Landmarks of Monroe County, N.Y. by William F. Peck  | also here | and here |

1889 Report on the proposed trunk sewer for the east side of the City of Rochester, N.Y, by Emil Kuichling, April 29, 1889 | East Side Trunk Sewer Survey Map |

1899 Illustrated Rochester, 1898-1899

1902 Notable men of Rochester and vicinity : XIX and XX centuries, by George Chandler Bragdon

1902 The Biographical Record of the City of Rochester and Monroe County, New York

1906 The Constitutional History of New York, Volume 1, 1609-1822, by Charles Zebina Lincoln | Volume 2. 1822-1894 | Volume 3. 1894-1905 | Volume 4. The Annotated Constitution | Volume 5. Tables of Statutes, Cases and Persons |

1908 History of Rochester and Monroe County, New York: From the Earliest Historic Times to the Beginning of 1907, Volume 1, by William Farley Peck | Volume 2 |

1922 Rochester in History with portraits and Our Part in the World War

1925 The pioneer days of Rochester, by Mosher Story Hutchins

1925 History of the Genesee country (western New York) comprising the counties of Allegany, Cattaraugus, Chautauqua, Chemung, Erie, Genesee, Livingston, Monroe, Niagara, Ontario, Orleans, Schuyler, Steuben, Wayne, Wyoming and Yates, Volume 1, edited by Lockwood R. Doty | Volume 2 | Volume 3 | Volume 4 |

1937 Rochester and Monroe County, by Federal Writers' Project, Works Progress Administration

1915 Reminiscences of early Rochester: a paper read before the Rochester Historical Society, December 27, 1915, by Augustus Hopkins Strong.

1934 The book of the Rochester centennial

1938 The Rochester area in American History, by Dorothy S. Truesdale and Blake McKelvey.

1938 A Story of Rochester by Blake McKelvey

1939 "Historical Aspects of the Phelps & Gorham Treaty of July 4-8, 1788," by Blake McKelvey, Rochester History 1(1):1-24 (January, 1939)

1939 "Ecological Patterning of Rochester, New York," by Raymond V. Bowers, American Sociological Review 4(2):180-189 (April, 1939)

1939 "Indian Allan’s Mills," by Blake McKelvey, Rochester History 1(4):1-24 (October, 1939)

1945 Rochester The Water-Power City 1812-1854, by Blake McKelvey (full text) | Table of Contents |

1949 Rochester The Flower City 1855-1890, by Blake McKelvey (snippet) | Table of Contents |

1950 "Rochester at the Turn of the Century," by Blake McKelvey, Rochester History 12(1):1-24 (January, 1950) Horseless carriages, the Republican machine, leisure time, etc.

1954 "American Travel Accounts of Early Rochester," by Dorothy S. Truesdale, Rochester History 16(1):1-20 (January, 1954)

1956 Rochester The Quest for Quality 1890-1925, by Blake McKelvey (snippet) | Table of Contents |

1957 Smugtown, U.S.A, by G. Curtis Gerling, reprinted 1993. | Table of Contents | The book provides a casual history of business and social life in Rochester through the 1930's - 1950's. Gerling coined the term "Smugtown" for Rochester as a scathing indictment of the amount of rump-kissing he observed at the time. He is especially thorough when discussing the history of Rochester's millionaires, newspapers, and advertising.

1961 Rochester: an emerging metropolis, 1925-1961, by Blake McKelvey (snippet) | Table of Contents |

1961 "Nathaniel Rochester in North Carolina," by Durward T. Stokes, The North Carolina Historical Review 38(4):467-481 (October, 1961)

1968 "Traces of the Age of Homespun in Early Rochester," by Blake McKelvey, Rochester History 30(2):1-20 (April, 1968)

1972 The Rochester I Know, by Henry W. Clune | borrow at | Henry W. Clune Papers in RBSCP of RRL |

1973 Rochester on the Genesee: The Growth of a City, by Blake McKelvey (snippet) | Table of Contents | reprinted 1993

1974 Rochester's Era of Annexations 1901-1926, by Joseph W. Barnes.  Includes several maps showing annexations.

1975 "Rise of the Empire State, 1790-1820," by David Maldwyn Ellis, New York History 56(1):4-27 (January, 1975)

1984 The Remaking of a City: Rochester, New York 1964-1984, by Lou Buttino and Mark Hare | Table of Contents |

1987 "Remembering An Old Canal Town," by Thomas X. Grasso and Ruth Rosenberg-Naparsteck, Rochester History 49(4): (October, 1987)

1992 "At the Rapids on the Genesee Settlement at Castletown," by Ruth Rosenberg-Naparsteck, Rochester History 54(3):1-24 (Summer, 1992)

1993 Rochester on the Genesee: The Growth of a City, Second Edition, by Blake McKelvey (snippet) | Table of Contents |

2008 A Rochester Ramble:  Twenty-Four Journeys Through Rochester's Past, by Donovan A. Shilling

2012 "The Presidential Election of 1840 in Rochester, New York," by Brian Schantz, Syracuse University Surface

2012 They Put Rochester On The Map:  Personalities of Rochester's Past, by Donovan A. Shilling

History of Rochester Monroe County New York (state) Nathaniel Rochester
Elisha Johnson Henry W. Clune
Rochester Metropolitan Area Mount Hope Cemetery
Upstate New York High Falls Highland Park
Mount Morris Dam
Main Street Bridge

Indigenous Peoples
1747 The History of the Five Indian Nations of Canada: Which are Dependent on the Province of New York, and are a Barrier Between the English and the French in that Part of the World, Volume 1, by Cadwallader Colden (1904 Edition) | Volume 2 |

1771 Map of the Country of the Six Nations

1805 "Religion for the White Man and the Red," Speech by Red Jacket

1824 Deh-he-wa-mis: Or, A Narrative of the Life of Mary Jemison: Otherwise Called the White Woman, who was Taken Captive by the Indians in MDCCLV; and who Continued with Them Seventy Eight Years. Containing an Account of the Murder of Her Father and His Family; Her Marriages and Sufferings; Indian Barbarities, Customs and Traditions, by James Everett Seaver (1842) | 20th Edition (1918) | 22nd edition (1925) | Note the later editions have more details, corrections, and references.

1825 David Cusick's Sketches of Ancient History of the Six Nations

1851 League of the Ho-dé-no-sau-nee Or Iroquois, Volume 1, by Lewis Henry Morgan | League of the Ho-dé-no-sau-nee Or Iroquois, Volume 1, by Lewis Henry Morgan, new edition with additional material by Herbert Marshall Lloyd | Volume 2 | (1901)

1868 The American Beaver and his works, by Lewis Henry Morgan

1884 Aboriginal occupation of the lower Genesee country, by George H. Harris, reprinted from Semi-centennial History of the City of Rochester: With Illustrations and Biographical Sketches of Some of Its Prominent Men and Pioneers, by William Farley Peck

1900 Aboriginal occupation of New York, by William Martin Beauchamp, February 1900. | also here with maps | Map of the early and recent sites of the aborigines of New York | Map of Territorial Divisions of the New York Aborigines about A.D. 1600 | Sorted by counties, several pages on Monroe County.

1905 A History of the New York Iroquois: Now Commonly Called the Six Nations, by William Martin Beauchamp

1906 "An Indian Civilization and its Destruction," by S.P. Moulthrop, Proceedings of the New York State Historical Association 6:71-79 (1906)

1916 "The Origin of the Iroquois as Suggested by Their Archeology," by Arthur C. Parker, American Anthropologist New Series 18(4):479-509 (Oct. - Dec., 1916) | also here |

1922 The Archeology of the Genesee Country, by Frederick Houghton

1930 "The Iroquois Indians and Their Lands Since 1783," by Esther V. Hill, The Quarterly Journal of the New York State Historical Association 11(4):335-353 (October, 1930)

1944 "The Fort Stanwix Treaty of 1768," by Ray A. Billington, New York History 25(2):182-194 (1944)

1944 The pre-Iroquoian occupations of New York State, by William Augustus Ritchie | also here |

1945 The Effect of Smallpox on the Destiny of the Amerindian, by Esther Wagner Stearn and Allen E. Stearn

1951 "Smallpox and the Indians of the American Colonies," by John Duffy, Bulletin of the History of Medicine 25(4):324-341

1966 "Estimating aboriginal American population. An Appraisal of Techniques with a New Hemispheric Estimate," by Henry F. Dobyns, Current Anthropology 7(4):395-416 (September, 1966)

1976 "Virgin Soil Epidemics as a Factor in the Aboriginal Depopulation in America," by Alfred W. Crosby, The William and Mary Quarterly 33(2):289-299 (April, 1976)

1980 "Iroquois Cannibalism: Fact Not Fiction," by Thomas S. Abler, Ethnohistory 27(4):309-316 Special Iroquois Issue (Autumn, 1980)

1982 Map of Indian Trails about Rochester

1983 "The Structure of the Iroquois League: Lewis H. Morgan's Research and Observations," by Elisabeth Tooker, Ethnohistory 30(3):141-154 (Summer, 1983)

1994 The World Turned Upside Down:  Indian Voices from Early America, edited by Colin G. Calloway
Pages 115-145:  Chapter 4.  In a World of Warfare:  Indians and the Wars for Empire
Pages 146-169:  Chapter 5.  American Indians and the American Revolution, 1775-1783

1997 "How Many People were here before Columbus," by Lewis Lord.

1998 European and Native American Warfare: 1675-1815, by Armstrong Starkey

2000 "A 'Civil' War? Rethinking Iroquois Participation in the American Revolution," by Karim M. Tiro, Explorations in Early American Culture 4:148-165 (2000)

2001 Rotting face : smallpox and the American Indian, by R.G. Robertson.

2001 Pox Americana : the great smallpox epidemic of 1775-82, by Elizabeth A. Fenn

2009 First peoples in a new world: colonizing ice age America, by David J. Meltzer

2011 "The Paradox of Plows and Productivity: An Agronomic Comparison of Cereal Grain Production under Iroquois Hoe Culture and European Plow Culture in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries," Jane Mt. Pleasant, Agricultural History 85(4):360-492 (Fall 2011)

The Economic History of the Fur Trade: 1670 to 1870, by Ann M. Carlos and Frank D. Lewis

The Jesuit Relations and Allied Documents 1610 to 1791

Lewis Henry Morgan at 200:  A Critical Appreciation

List of American Indian Reservations in New York Beaver Wars (1629-1701) Red Jacket
Mary Jemison (Captured 1758) The Jesuit Relations
North American Fur Trade
Algonquians Totiakton Beaver Wars Three Sisters (crops)

The French and New France
1696 Papers relating to Count de Frontenac's expedition against the Onondagoes, by Edmund Bailey O'Callaghan

1866 Memoir upon the late war in North America, between the French and English, 1755-60 : followed by observations upon the theatre of actual war, and by new details concerning the manners and customs of the Indians ; with topographical maps, Volume I, by Pierre Pouchot; translated by Franklin Benjamin Hough | Volume II |

1874 The First Visit of de La Salle to the Senecas, Made in 1669, by Orsamus Holmes Marshall

1884 French Exploration and Settlement in North America, and those of the Portuguese. Dutch, and Swedes 1500-1700.  Includes several good maps.

1885 Expedition of the Sieur de Champlain Against the Onondagas in 1615, by Orsamus Holmes Marshall

1898 History of Brulé's Discoveries and Explorations, 1610-1626: Being a Narrative of the Discovery, by Stephen Brulé of Lakes Huron, Ontario and Superior; and of His Exploration (the First Made by Civilized Man) of Pennsylvania and Western New York, Also of the Province of Ontario, Canada. With a Biographical Notice of the Discoverer and Explorer, who was Killed and Eaten by Savages, by Consul Willshire Butterfield

1900 The Old New York Frontier: Its Wars with Indians and Tories, Its Missionary Schools, Pioneers, and Land Titles, 1614-1800, by Francis Whiting Halsey

1905 The American Nation: France in America, 1497-1763, by Reuben Gold Thwaites

1910 France and England in North America, Volume I, by Francis Parkman

1917 An Old Frontier of France: The Niagara Region and Adjacent Lakes Under French Control, Volume 1, by Frank Hayward Severance | Volume 2 |

1919 Western New York under the French: an address delivered before the Morgan Chapter in Memorial Art Gallery, University Campus, Rochester, N.Y., December 19, 1919 / by Frank H. Severance.

1939 "Seneca 'Time of Troubles'," by Blake McKelvey, Rochester History 13(3):1-24 (July 1951)

1949 Samuel de Champlain's Incursion Against the Onondaga Nation, by Mansfield Joseph French

Fort des Sables

Samuel de Champlain Étienne Brûlé Joseph de La Roche Daillon René-Robert Cavelier, Sieur de La Salle
Jacques-René de Brisay de Denonville, Marquis de Denonville New France Louis de Buade de Frontenac Pays d'en Haut
Destruction of Ganondagan (1687) King William's War (1688-1697) Lachine Massacre (1689) Great Peace of Montreal (1701)
Queen Anne's War (1703-1713) King George's War (1744-1748) French and Indian War (1754-1763) Battle of La Belle-Famille (1759)
Fort Niagara Battle of Fort Niagara (1759) Treaty of Paris (1763) Antoine Lefèbvre de La Barre

British North America
1677 "Observations of Wentworth Greenhalgh, in a journey from Albany to ye Indians, westward; begun May 20th, 1677, and ended July 14 following," from Papers Relating to the Iroquois and Other Indian Tribes, 1666-1763, by Parson Weed (1849)

1754 The Journal of Major George Washington: Sent by the Hon. Robert Dinwiddie to the Commandant of the French Forces in Ohio, by George Washington

1766 Cantonment of His Majesty's forces in N. America according to the disposition now made & to be compleated as soon as practicable taken from the general distribution dated at New York 29th. March 1766.

1865 The Life and Times of Sir William Johnson, Bart, Volume 1, by William Leete Stone | Volume 2 |

2009 The Tainted Gift: The Disease Method of Frontier Expansion, by Barbara Alice Mann

Nanfan Treaty (1701) French and Indian War Fort Niagara Jeffery Amherst, 1st Baron Amherst
Sir William Johnson Braddock Bay Indian Department (1755) Battle of Fort Niagara (1759)
Fort Stanwix Royal Proclamation of 1763  Pontiac's War (1763-1766) Treaty of Fort Stanwix (1768)

Revolution and Settlement
1792 "Description of the country between Albany & Niagara in 1792," from The Documentary history of the state of New-York

1798 An act to enable aliens to purchase and hold real estate within this State under certain restrictions therein mentioned.  April 2, 1798.

1799 "Description of the settlement of the Genesee Country in the State of New-York," from The Documentary history of the state of New-York

1804 A description of the Genesee country, in the state of New-York : in which the situation, dimensions, civil divisions, soil, minerals, produce, lakes and rivers, curiosities, climate, navigation, trade and manufactures, population, and other interesting matters relative to that country, are impartially described. To which is added, an appendix, containing a description of the military lands, by Robert Munro.[Charles Williamson] | also here |

1821 Travels in New-England and New-York, by Timothy Dwight

1822 A Brief Topographical and Statistical Manual of the State of New-York, by Sterling Goodenow

1824 Notes on the Settlement and Indian Wars of the Western Parts of Virginia and Pennsylvania from 1763 to 1783: Inclusive, Together with a Review of the State of Society and Manners of the First Settlers of the Western Country, by Joseph Doddridge and  Narcissa Doddridge.  Republished with new material in 1912 by John S. Ritenour and William Thomas Lindsey

1842 Notices of Sullivan's Campaign, Or, The Revolutionary Warfare in Western New-York: Embodied in the Addresses and Documents Connected with the Funeral Honors Rendered to Those who Fell with the Gallant Boyd in the Genesee Valley, Including the Remarks of Gov. Seward at Mount Hope, by Henry O'Reilly

1848 A History of the Purchase and Settlement of Western New York: And of the Rise, Progress and Present State of the Presbyterian Church in that Section, by James Harvey Hotchkin

1849 Pioneer history of the Holland purchase of western New York: embracing some account of the ancient remains ... and a history of pioneer settlement under the auspices of the Holland Company, Including reminiscences of the War of 1812; the origin, progress and completion of the Erie Canal, etc., by O. Turner. | also here |

1851 History of the Pioneer Settlement of Phelps and Gorham's Purchase and Morris Reserve, by Orasmus Turner. | also here |

1868 The Military Services and Public Life of Major-General John Sullivan: Of the American Revolutionary Army, by Thomas Coffin Amory

1874 Report of the Regents of the University, on the Boundaries of the State of New York, Volume 1

1877 Second Report of the Regents of the University on the Boundaries of the State of New York

1879 History of Sullivan's campaign against the Iroquois being a full account of that epoch of the revolution, by A. Tiffany Norton   

1884 Report of the Regents of the University on the Boundaries of the State of New York, Volume II: Being a Continuation of Senate Document No. 108 of 1873 and Senate Document No. 61 of 1877

1887 Journals of the Military Expedition of Major General John Sullivan against the Six Nations of Indians in 1779, by Frederick Cook and John Sullivan

1889 The Genesee tract. Cessions between New York and Massachusetts. The Phelps and Gorham purchase. Robert Morris. Captain Charles Williamson and the Pulteney estate, by George S. Conover

1891 The Title of the Phelps and Gorham Purchase, by Howard Lawrence Osgood

1894 Robert Morris and the Holland Purchase, John Kennedy

1897 A history of the treaty of Big Tree: and an account of the celebration of the one hundredth anniversary of the making of the treaty, held at Geneseo, N.Y., September the fifteenth, eighteen hundred ninety-seven, by Livngston County Historical Society.

1898 Sullivan's campaign in western New York 1779, by Simon L. Adler.

1902 The Old New York Frontier: Its Wars with Indians and Tories; Its Missionary Schools, Pioneers and Land Titles, 1614-1800, by Francis Whiting Halsey

1903 Robert Morris: Patriot and Financier, by Ellis Paxson Oberholtzer

1906 "The Primary Causes of the Border Wars," by Francis W. Halsey, Proceedings of the New York State Historical Association 6:23-28 (1906)

1906 "Sullivan's Campaign," by William Wait, Proceedings of the New York State Historical Association 6:80-86 (1906)

1922 "The Pulteney Purchase," by Paul D. Evans, The Quarterly Journal of the New York State Historical Association 3(2):83-104 (April, 1922)

1929 "New Sources on the Sullivan-Clinton Campaign in 1779," Quarterly Journal of the New York State Historical Association 10(3):185-224 (July, 1929) | Part 2: 10(4):265-317 (October, 1929)

1929 The Sullivan-Clinton campaign in 1779. Chronology and selected documents. Prepared by the Division of archives and history in connection with the sesquicentennial of the American revolution.

1930 Letters and papers of Major-General John Sullivan, Continental Army, edited by Otis G. Hammond.

1931 "Attempts to Form New States in New York and Pennsylvania 1786-1796," by Julian P. Boyd, The Quarterly Journal of the New York State Historical Association 12(3):257-270 (July, 1931)

1932 The treaty of Fort Stanwix, 1784, being the first attempt to collect from the sources the facts leading up to and covering the peace negotiated by the Congress of the United States and the Six Nations Indians after Britain acknowledged the freedom oe her colonies, by Henry S. Manley.

1937 "A Yankee on the New York Frontier 1833-1851," by George F. Partridge, The New England Quarterly 10(4):752-77 (December, 1937)

1942 "Oliver Phelps," by Samuel H. Wandell, New York History 23(3):275-282 (July, 1942)

1960 "Mortgage Credit in the Phelps-Gorham Purchase," by Robert W. Silsby, New York History 41(1):3-34 (January, 1960)

1970 "The Sullivan Expedition: Success or Failure," by Donald R. McAdams, New-York Historical Society Quarterly 54(1):53-81 (January, 1970)

1970 Joseph Ellicott and the Holland Land Company: The Opening of Western New York, by Willliam Chazanof. | The Great Survey | Many Applicants, Few Buyers | Reluctant Politician | Big Family | Roads and the Unhappy Taxpayer | The War of 1812 | The Bank of Niagara | The Grand Canal | "Give in Your Demission Yourself |

1973 The American Revolution considered as a social movement, by J. Franklin Jameson

1975 "The Pioneer Settler upon the Holland Purchase, and His Progress," by Orsamus Turner, Western Historical Quarterly 6(4):425-435 (October, 1975)

1977 "Robert Morris: Genesee Land Speculator," by Barbara A. Chernow, New York History 58(2):194-220 (April, 1977)

1979 "The Sullivan Campaign, A Bibliography," by James D. Folts, Jr., University of Rochester Library Bulletin 32 (Winter 1979)

1997 A Well-executed Failure: The Sullivan Campaign Against the Iroquois, July-September 1779, by Joseph R. Fischer | also here | full text of 1994 doctoral dissertation |

1998 "The Iroquois Indians and the Rise of the Empire State: Ditches, Defense, and Dispossession," by Laurence M. Hauptman, New York History 79(4):325-358 (October, 1998)

1999 Conspiracy of Interests: Iroquois Dispossession and the Rise of New York State, by Laurence M. Hauptman

2005 George Washington's War on Native America, by Barbara Alice Mann

2005 The first way of war: American war making on the frontier, 1607-1814, by John Grenier

2005 "Charles Williamson:  The Pulteney Estates in the Genesee Lands," by John H. Martin, from Saints, Sinners and Reformers: The Burned-Over District Re-Visited

2011 Massacre and Retribution:  The 1779-80 Sullivan Expedition, by Ron Soodalter

American Revolution Battle of Oriskany Butler's Rangers
Cherry Valley massacre
Sullivan Expedition Central New York Military Tract  Treaty of Paris (1783) Treaty of Fort Stanwix (1784)
Treaty of Hartford (1786) Preemption Line (1786) Phelps and Gorham Purchase Oliver Phelps
Nathaniel Gorham Ebenezer "Indian" Allen James Wadsworth William Wadsworth
Robert Morris The Pulteney Association Holland Land Company Joseph Ellicott
Treaty of Canandaigua (1794) Treaty of Big Tree (1797)

The War of 1812
1813 Map of the Seat of War in North America

1882 A history of the war of 1812-'15 between the United States and Great Britain, by Rossiter Johnson.

1910 "The Genesee Valley in the Navy," by Rear Admiral Franklin Hanford, U.S.N., Annual Meeting of the Livingston County Historical Society 34:21-24 (1910)

1911 Notes on the Visits of American and British Naval Vessels to the Genesee River, 1809-1814, by Rear Admiral Franklin Hanford, USN

1942 "War on Lake Ontario: 1812-1815," by Ruth Ruth and Dorothy S. Truesdale, Rochester History 4(4):1-24 (October, 1942)

1969 British raids on Charlotte and Stone's dragoons, 1812-1814, by Philip G. Maples.

1991 "The Genesee River During The War of 1812," by William Roemer, Rochester History 53(4):1-30 (Fall, 1991)

2009 1812: war with America, by Jon Latimer

War of 1812 Fort Niagara

Religion and Spiritualism
1848 A report on the mysterious noises heard in the house of Mr. John D. Fox : in Hydesville, Arcadia, Wayne County, authenticated by the statements of the citizens of that place and vicinity /: A report on the mysterious noises heard in the house of Mr. John D. Fox : in Hydesville, Arcadia, Wayne County, authenticated by the statements of the citizens of that place and vicinity | 2005 reprint |

1849 Explanation and history of the mysterious communion with spirits : comprehending the rise and progress of the mysterious noises in western New-York, generally received as spiritual communications, by Eliab Wilkinson Capron

1851 Rochester knockings! : Discovery and explanation of the source of the phenomena generally known as the Rochester knockings, by George H. Derby

1852 Voices from the spirit world : being communications from many spirits from the spirit world, by the hand of Isaac Post, medium.

1865 Vol. I. Pictorial history of the cause of the great rebellion. Witchcraft, by Alfred Gale

1871 Churches of Rochester: ecclesiastical history of Rochester, N.Y. : narrative of the rise and present condition of each religious organization : biographical sketches of pastors and clergymen born in the city, with miscellaneous items from August, 1815 to July, 1871, by Rev. F. DeW. Ward.

1884 Nineteenth century miracles: or, Spirits and their work in every country of the earth. A complete historical compendium of the great movement know as "modern spiritualism," by Emma Hardinge Britten ...

1904 The diocese of Western New York a history and recollections, by Charles Wells Hayes

1905 Hydesville: the story of the Rochester knockings, which proclaimed the advent of modern spiritualism, by Thomas Olman Todd

1912 The Jews of Rochester: an historical summary of their progress and status as citizens of Rochester from early days to the year nineteen hundred and twelve from unpublished records prepared by the late Isaac A. Wile ; compiled by Isaac M. Brickner.

1915 "Catholic Beginnings in the Diocese of Rochester," by Frederick J. Zwierlein," The Catholic Historical Review 1(3):282-298 (October, 1915)

1922 The history of utopian thought, by Joyce Oramel Hertzler

1950 The Burned-over District: The Social and Intellectual History of Enthusiastic Religion in Western New York, 1800–1850, by Whitney R. Cross, reprinted 1965 and 2015 | Table of Contents |

1976 "Religion and Society: A Shopkeeper's Millennium," by Paul E. Johnson, The Wilson Quarterly 3(2):86-95 (1976)

1978 A Shopkeeper's Millennium:  Society and Revivals in Rochester, New York, 1815-1837, by Paul E. Johnson | Table of Contents | Revised edition 2004 |

1983 Revivalism, Social Conscience, and Community in the Burned-Over District: The Trial of Rhoda Bement, by Glenn C. Altschuler and Jan M. Saltzgaber | borrow at |

1986 Crucible of the Millennium: The Burned-Over District of New York in the 1840s, by Michael Barkun

1989 New religions and the theological imagination in America, by Mary Farrell Bednarowski

1991 "The Fanatic and the Prophetess: Religious Perfectionism in Western New York, 1835–1839," by James D. Folts, New York History 72(4):357-387 (October, 1991)

1998 The African American Church Community in Rochester, New York, 1900-1940, by Ingrid Overacker

2001 Grassroots Reform in the Burned-Over District of Upstate New York: Religion, Abolitionism, and Democracy, by Judith Wellman

2005 "Saints, Sinners and Reformers: The Burned-Over District Re-Visited," by John H. Martin, The Crooked Lake Review (Fall 2005)

2006 The Goddess lives in upstate New York: breaking convention and making home at a North American Hindu temple, by Corinne G. Dempsey.  In Rush, New York, just south of Rochester.

2009 "Radical Transmissions: Isaac and Amy Post, Spiritualism, and Progressive Reform in Nineteenth-Century Rochester," by Caitlin Powalski, Rochester History 71(2):1-32 (Fall, 2009)

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2011 The myth of American religious freedom, by David Sehat

2015 "The sisters who spoke to spirits: How two mischievous girls gave birth to a religion," by Ada Calhoun, Salon (September 14, 2015)

2015 Upstate Cauldron: Eccentric Spiritual Movements in Early New York State, by Joscelyn Godwin | also here |

Religion and the Founding of the American Republic, Library of Congress

The Fox Sisters Lily Dale Spiritualism Amy and Isaac Post
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Joseph Smith Hill Cumorah Roman Catholic Diocese of Rochester
Burned-over district Charles Grandison Finney Second Great Awakening Episcopal Diocese of Rochester
Millerism William Miller Seventh-day Adventist Church

Social, Fraternal. and Political Organizations
1818 The freemason's monitor or, Illustrations of masonry: in two parts, by Thomas Smith Webb

1826 Illustrations of masonry: by one of the fraternity who has devoted thirty years to the subject. Capt. Wm. Morgan's exposition of freemasonry, republished with the additon of engravings, showing the Lodge-room signs, grips and masonic emblems.

1829 A narrative of the anti-masonick excitement, in the western part of the state of New-York, during the years 1826, '7, '8, and a part of 1829, by Henry Brown

1829 Light on masonry: a collection of all the most important documents on the subject of speculative free masonry: embracing the reports of the Western committees in relation to the abduction of William Morgan ... with all the degrees of the order conferred in a master's lodge, as written by Captain William Morgan ... / By Elder David Bernard.

1832 Letters on masonry and anti-masonry: addressed to the Hon. John Quincy Adams, by William L. Stone.

1926 "Colorful Scene Presented as 8,000 Klansmen Gather in East Rochester Field," Rochester Democrat and Chronicle, September 26, 1926, Page 26.

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1970 "A Study of Attitudes in Church and School-Sponsored Girl Scout Troops toward Four Minority Groups," by Rosaline G. Duane, M.A. Thesis, Sociology, University of Rochester, 1970.

1991 "The Disappearance of William Morgan," by Margaret Stoler, Rochester History 53(4):31-44 (Fall, 1991)

Freemasonry Anti-Masonry William Morgan Thurlow Weed
Anti-Masonic Party
Know Nothing
Henry O'Reilly

Primary and Secondary Education
1827 An act to incorporate the Rochester High School, in the County of Monroe. March 15, 1827.

1849 The Massachusetts System of Common Schools, by Horace Mann

1872 Annals of Public Education in the State of New York, from 1626 to 1756, by Daniel J. Pratt

1885 Thirty-Eighth Annual Report of the Board of Education, Rochester Public Schools

1893 Western New York Institution for Deaf-Mutes, Rochester, N.Y. : historical sketch, 1876-1893.

1894 Public schools of Rochester, New York: kindergarten, primary, intermediate, grammar, free academy.

1904 A History of Education in the United States, by Edward Grant Dexter

1904 The Public School:  History of Common School Education in New York State from 1633 to 1904, by Charles E. Fitch

1905 The New York Public School: Being a History of Free Education in the City of New York, by Archie Emerson Palmer

1910 A History of Education in the United States Since the Civil War, by Charles Franklin Thwing

1911 Statistical Report No. 1, Rochester School Census Board (August 1, 1911).  Includes a list of "Children Arranged According to Country of Birth, Occupation, Sex, and Certain Age Classifications,"

1913 Outline course of study of the public schools of the city of Rochester, New York

1914 Course of study in English

1914 Outline Course of Study of the Public Schools of the City of Rochester, New York

1935 A history of the public schools of Rochester, New York 1813-1935

1970 The Political Education of Children in the Rochester Public Schools, 1899-1917: An Historical Perspective on Social Control in Public Education, by Edward Willard Stevens, Jr., Ed.D. Dissertation, University of Rochester, 1970.

1971 "School personnel and political socialization Rochester, New York, 1900-1917," by Edward W. Steyens, Urban Education 6(2/3):197-213 (July, 1971) (Discusses how the school board, teachers, and other employees, and textbooks and the course of study developed cultural attitudes in children.)

1993 "Emma Willard's Idea Put to the Test: The Consequences of State Support of Female Education in New York, 1819-67," by Nancy Beadie, History of Education Quarterly 33(4):543-562 (Winter, 1993) Special Issue on the History of Women and Education

1993 Schooling for "good Rebels": Socialist Education for Children in the United States, 1900-1920, by Kenneth Teitelbaum | also here | During the first two decades of this century, American socialists organized weekend schools for children to foster social justice, working-class consciousness and solidarity, and activism. Kenneth Teitelbaum explores the historical development, organization, institutional characteristics, and curricula of these alternative educational settings, particularly those in New York City, Rochester, and Milwaukee.

1997 "Rochester's Reforms: The Right Prescription?" by Christine E. Murray, Gerald Grant and Raji Swaminathan, The Phi Delta Kappan 79(2):148-155 (October, 1997)

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2009 "Finding True North: A Portrait of Two Schools in Rochester, New York," by Libby Woodfin, Schools: Studies in Education 6(2):187-206 (Fall, 2009)

| Private Schools in Monroe County | Rochester Academy Charter School |

Rochester City School District The Harley School Allendale Columbia School
Roman Catholic Diocese of Rochester Rochester School for the Deaf
New York State Education Department

Higher Education
1951 "The First Hundred Years of the University of Rochester," by John R. Slater, New York History 32(2):165-171 (April, 1951)

1965 The rise of universities, Charles Homer Haskins

1967 "A University Dream that Failed," by Arthur J. May, New York History 48(2):160-181 (April, 1967)

1977 A History of the University of Rochester 1850-1962, by Arthur J. May

1986 "The University of Rochester," by Kenneth F. Wood, Minerva 24(2/3):319-323 (June, 1986)

National Technical Institute for the Deaf Rochester Institute of Technology University of Rochester Eastman School of Music
Memorial Art Gallery Monroe Community College Colgate Rochester Crozer Divinity School
Hochstein School of Music and Dance
Isaac F. Quinby

Temperance and Prohibition
1794 An Inquiry Into the Effects of Ardent Spirits Upon the Human Body and Mind: With an Account of the Means of Preventing, and of the Remedies for Curing Them, by Benjamin Rush

1830 Six Sermons on Intemperance. Delineating Its Nature, Occasions, Signs, Evils, and Remedy, by Lyman Beecher

1830 First Annual Report of the New-York State Society for the Promotion of Temperance

1853 Proceedings of the World's Temperance Convention, held at Metropolitan Hall in the City of New York, Septemper 6, 1853, with all the correspondence and documents of the Convention

1907 A history of the brewery and liquor industry of Rochester, N.Y

1923 "The Genesis and Development of the Early Temperance Movement in New York State," by John A. Krout, The Quarterly Journal of the New York State Historical Association 4(2):78-98 (April, 1923)

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1994 Drink and the Victorians: the temperance question in England, 1815-1872, by Brian Howard Harrison

2017 John Barleycorn Must Die: Alcohol and Temperance in Early Rochester, by Christopher Brennan

2017 "A Rum War on Lake Ontario," by James A. Termotto, Sr.

2019 Why Do We Blame Women For Prohibition? One hundred years later, it’s time to challenge a long-held bias, January 13, 2019, by Mark Lawrence Schrad

Woman's New York State Temperance Society

Temperance Movement Prohibition Genesee Brewing Company Legalization of Marijuana
Carrie Nation Women's Christian Temperance Union
Rohrbach Brewing Company

Women's Rights and Suffrage
1790 A vindication of the rights of women, by Mary Wollstonecraft

1821 Views of Society and Manners in America, by Frances Wright.

1837 Society in America, Volume 1, by Harriet Martineau. | Volume 2 | "Women are assuming their place as thinking beings, not in despite of the men, but chiefly in consequence of their enlarged views and exertions as fathers and legislators."

1838 Letters on the Equality of the Sexes, and the Condition of Woman, by Sarah Grimke.

1844 "Report of the committee on the judiciary, on petitions asking the passage of a law for the protection of married women," February 26, 1844.  Documents of the Assembly of the State of New York, Volume 3, Number 96.

1845 Woman in the Nineteenth Century, by Margaret Fuller.  Originally published in July 1843 in The Dial magazine as "The Great Lawsuit. Man versus Men. Woman versus Women"

1846 Report of the Debates and Proceedings of the Convention for the Revision of the Constitution of the State of New-York, 1846 (see 1997 article below)
Page 646:  Memorial of six ladies in Jefferson County, asking for the extension of the elective franchise to women, August 8, 1846.

1846 The Rights and Condition of Women, by Samuel J. May. | also here |

1848 An Act of the More Effectual Protection of the Property of Married Women, April 7, 1848 (New York State)

1848 Report of the Woman's Rights Convention, held at Seneca Falls, N.Y., July 19th & 20th, 1848 (Reprinted 1870) Includes Declaration of Sentiments, July 20, 1848.

1848 Proceedings of the Woman's Rights Convention, held at the Unitarian Church, Rochester, N.Y., August 2, 1848, revised by Mrs. Amy Post.  (1870)

1848 Address of Mrs. Elizabeth Cady Stanton, delivered at Seneca Falls & Rochester, New York, July 19th & August 2d, 1848. (1870)

1849 An act to amend an act, entitled "An act of the more effectual protection of the property of married women," passed April 7, 1848.  April 11, 1849. (New York State)

1852 The proceedings of the Woman's Rights Convention, held at Syracuse, September 8th, 9th, & 10th, 1852.  This was the first convention attended by Susan B. Anthony.

1863 The Employments of Women: A Cyclopaedia of Woman's Work, by Virginia Penny.  Includes several Rochester references.

1868 The Revolution, a weekly women’s rights newspaper, was the official publication of the National Woman Suffrage Association formed by feminists Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony to secure women’s enfranchisement through a federal constitutional amendment. Published between January 8, 1868 and February, 1872,

1869 The Subjection of Women, by John Stuart Mill

1870 Proceedings of the Woman's Rights Conventions, Held at Seneca Falls and Rochester, N.Y., July and August, 1848. Also see 1848 documents above.

1881 History of Woman Suffrage, Volume 1, 1848-1861 edited by Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Susan Brownell Anthony, Matilda Joslyn Gage, Ida Husted Harper
| Volume 2 1861-1876 | Volume 3 18t6-1885 | Volume 4 1883-1900 | Volume 5 1900-1920 | Volume 6 1900-1920 |

1898 Fiftieth anniversary of the first Woman's Rights Convention held in Rochester, N.Y : Central Church, Thursday and Friday, April 28 and 29 : souvenir program.

1953 "Susan B. Anthony and John Brown," by Alma Lutz, Rochester History 15(3):1-16 (July, 1953)

1960 American suffrage: from property to democracy, 1760-1860, by Chilton Williamson.  Chapter 9 focuses on Suffrage in New York

1970 Birth control in America: the career of Margaret Sanger, by David M. Kennedy

1982 In the eyes of the law: women, marriage, and property in nineteenth-century New York, by Norma Basch

1987 "Organizing Womanhood: Women's Culture and the Politics of Woman Suffrage in New York State, 1865-1917," by David Kevin McDonald, PhD Dissertation, SUNY Stony Brook

1997 "1846 Petition for Woman's Suffrage, New York State Constitutional Convention," by Jacob Katz Cogan and Lori D. Ginzberg, Signs 22(2):427-439 (Winter, 1997)

1997 When abortion was a crime: women, medicine, and law in the United States, 1867-1973, Leslie J. Reagan

1999 Angelina Grimke?: rhetoric, identity, and the radical imagination, by Stephen H. Browne

2005 The qualities of a citizen: women, immigration, and citizenship, 1870-1965, by Martha Mabie Gardner

2011 Women's Activism and Social Change: Rochester, New York, 1822-1872, by Nancy A. Hewitt | also here |

Upstate New York and the Women's Rights Movement

The National Susan B. Anthony Museum & House in Rochester, NY

Post Family Papers Project

Women's Rights
Women's suffrage in the United States
Seneca Falls Convention Declaration of Sentiments
Rochester Women's Rights Convention of 1848 Susan B. Anthony The Revolution (newspaper) Susan B. Anthony House
Women's Rights National Historical Park Margaret Sanger
Griswold v. Connecticut
Gender Discrimination
Bloomers Amelia Bloomer National Women's Rights Convention

Slavery. Abolition, and Race Relations
1688 Germantown Friends' protest against slavery

1775 African Slavery in America, [by Thomas Paine]

1799 An act for the gradual abolition of slavery.  March 29, 1799.

1836 Letters on American Slavery, by John Rankin

1845 Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, an American Slave, by Frederick Douglass

1847 The North Star, a nineteenth-century anti-slavery newspaper published from the Talman Building in Rochester, New York by abolitionist Frederick Douglass. In 1851, Douglass merged the North Star with Gerrit Smith's Liberty Party Paper to form Frederick Douglass' Paper. Issues on line at Rochester Public Library | Accessible Archives | Gale Newspapers | Readex |

1851 "The higher law" in its application to the Fugitive slave bill A sermon on the duties men owe to God and to governments, by John C. Lord

1852 Oration delivered in Corinthian Hall, Rochester, by Frederick Douglass, July 5th, 1852. "What, to the American slave, is your 4th of July?"

1852 Uncle Tom's Cabin, by Harriet Beecher Stowe

1854 The claims of the Negro ethnologically considered [electronic resource] : An address before the literary societies of Western Reserve College, at commencement, July 12, 1854, by Frederick Douglass.

1855 My Bondage and My Freedom, by Frederick Douglass

1856 African Slavery in America, by Charles Jared Ingersoll

1857 Twenty-Two Years a Slave, and Forty Years a Freeman, by Austin Steward

1862 Origin and objects of the slaveholders' conspiracy against Democratic principles, as well as against the national union, by Henry O'Reilly (October, 1862)

1879 Gerrit Smith: a biography, by Octavius Brooks Frothingham.

1882 Life and Times of Frederick Douglass, by Frederick Douglass | New revised edition, 1892 |

1900 Slavery in New York: a historical sketch, by A Judd Northrup

1905 A correct history of the John Brown invasion at Harper's Ferry, West Va., Oct. 17, 1859, by John H. Zittle

1916 A reminiscence of anti-slavery days, by Horace McGuire. Read before the Rochester Historical Society, October 27, 1916.

1945 "Ives-Quinn Act --the law against discrimination," by Terry Lichtash, St. John's Law Review 19(2):170-176 (April, 1945) Outlawed employment discrimination based on race, creed, color or national origin.

1953 "Susan B. Anthony and John Brown," by Alma Lutz, Rochester History 15(3):1-16 (July, 1953)

1958 Negroes in five New York cities : a study of problems, achievements, and trends, by New York State Commission for Human Rights. Research Division;

1959 "Lights and Shadows in Local Negro History," by Blake McKelvey, Rochester History 21(4):1-27 (October, 1959)

1961 "Antislavery Legislation in New York," by Edgar J. McManus, The Journal of Negro History 46(4):207-216 (October, 1961)

1964 The Rochester Riots of 1964: A scrapbook, Volume 1  | Volume 2 |

1964 July '64 Unrest in Rochester New York, 2006 documentary about the 1964 riots. (54 minutes) | also here | Discussion guide |

1965 “Anatomy of a Riot!” by Arthur Whitaker, The Crisis 72(1):20-25 (January, 1965)

1965 The Rochester riots: a crisis in civil rights, juvenile delinquency, or "cityatrics"? by Blake McKelvey.

1965 Areas where rioting occurred Rochester, New York, July 1964. by Monroe County Human Relations Commission

1965 Riots of July, 1964

1972 Saul Alinsky Playboy Interview “Maybe I’m uninformed, but as far as I know the only thing Kodak has done on the race issue in America is to introduce color film.”

1984 "Growing Agitation, A: Rochester Before, During and After the Civil War," by Ruth Rosenberg-Naparsteck, Rochester History 46(1 & 2):1-40 (January & April, 1984)

1984 The Remaking of a City: Rochester, New York 1964-1984, by Lou Buttino and Mark Hare | Table of Contents |

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1999 Angelina Grimke?: rhetoric, identity, and the radical imagination, by Stephen H. Browne

2001 Brotherhoods of color: black railroad workers and the struggle for equality, by Eric Arnesen

2003 Jim Crow New York: A Documentary History of Race and Citizenship, 1777-1877, edited by David N. Gellman and David Quigley

2005 "When Harvard College's Dormitories Were Segregated by Race," by Andrew Schlesinger, The Journal of Blacks in Higher Education 49:97-98 (Autumn, 2005)

2005 Black is a country: race and the unfinished struggle for democracy, by Nikhil Pal Singh

2009 "Frederick Douglass and John Brown's Raid on Harpers Ferry," by Alan Singer, Social Education 73(2):57-48 (March, 2009)

2010 "Rochester: A Transnational Community for Blacks Prior to the Civil War," by dann j Broyld, Rochester History 72(2):1-28 (Fall 2010)

2010 The New Jim Crow:  Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness, by Michelle Alexander

2011 "Advancement Comes Slowly: African American Employment in Rochester, New York During the Great Migration," by Jennifer Lemak, New York History 92(1/2):78-98 (Winter/Spring 2011)

2012 Take a Picture: The Real Alinsky and the Fall of Rochester

2013 "Narratives of a Riot: The July 1964 Rochester, NY 'Race Riot',” by Jessica A. Saltzberg, Fire!!! 2(2):48-77 (2013) Expanding the Narrative: Exploring New Aspects of the Civil Rights Movement Fifty Years Later

2013 Rebel cities: from the right to the city to the urban revolution, by David Harvey

2014 The half has never been told: slavery and the making of American capitalism, by Edward E. Baptist

2017 Race and Place in the Flower City:  A Case Study of Perpetual Marginalization through Urban Planning, by Brennon Thompson

Redlining in New Deal America

Admiration and Ambivalence: Frederick Douglass and John Brown

Digitizing Frederick Douglass (RRL Rare Books and Special Collections)

Black Citizenship in the Age of Jim Crow, exhibition at the New York Historical Society

John Rankin Harriet Beecher Stowe Uncle Tom's Cabin Anti-Tom Literature
Frederick Douglass The North Star (anti-slavery newspaper) Austin Steward What to the Slave Is the Fourth of July?
John Brown (abolitionist) John Brown's raid on Harpers Ferry Gerit Smith Secret Six
Fugitive Slave Act of 1850 Underground Railroad Abolitionism Saul Alinsky
Dred Scott v. Sandford 1964 Rochester Race Riot Great Migration Second Great Migration
History of Slavery in New York Anti-miscegenation laws
Housing Discrimination
Employment Discrimination

Civil War
1858 "On the Irrepressible Conflict," Speech by William Henry Seward delivered at Rochester, NY, October 25, 1858

1861 By-laws of the Rochester Union Grays, Company R, 54th Regiment, N.Y.S.M.

1862 Presentation of colors to the 140th regiment N. Y. S. V, by the Young ladies of Rochester, Sept., 1862.

1863 "The Draft in Rochester.; From the Rochester Express, July 24," The New York Times, July 27, 1863, Page 3

1890 New York in the War of the Rebellion, 1861 to 1865

1894 A Complete Military History and Record of the 108th Regiment N.Y. Vols. from 1862-1894, by George H. Washburn

1900 New York at Gettysburg, by William F. Fox

1911 The Military Memoirs of Captain Henry Cribben of the 140th New York Volunteers, by Henry Cribben

1912 The Union Blues. A brief history of the corps and its life, by William H. Samson.  Militia unit established in 1861 by socially prominent Rochesterians.

1961 "Rochester’s Part in the Civil War," by Blake  McKelvey, Rochester History 23(1):1-24 (January 1961)

1991 "The Civil War Draft in Rochester – Part One," by Donald M. Fisher, Rochester History 53(1):1-24 (Winter, 1991) | Part Two 53(2):1-32 (Spring 1991) |

2011 "A Hard Road to Travel out of Dixie, Part 1," by W.H. Sheldon, Rochester History 72(2):1-31 (Fall 2011) | Part 2 74(1):1-32 (Spring 2012)

2013 "The Civil War Years:  Rochester and the Civil War," by Alan Schlageter

2013 "On Cemetery Ridge," Rochester Review

Rochester Civil War veterans: roster and scrapbook, Grand Army of the Republic, Dept. of New York and auxiliaries. Grand Army of the Republic, Dept. of New York [1948]. Includes: Personal war sketches of the members of E.G. Marshall Post No. 397 of Rochester [by Richard Curran] which was presented to the Post in 1892.

Civil War Medicine and the RCH

The University of Rochester and the Civil War

Civil War Patrick O'Rorke Elmira POW Camp

1897 Illustrated history of the Rochester Trades Assembly and the Building Trades Council, Rochester, N. Y commercial history of the city of Rochester, photographs and biographies of officers, state, city and miscellaneous labor laws, etc. | also here |

1912 "My Work in Rochester, by a Factory Girl," The Common-good of Civic and Social Rochester 6(3):70-74 (December, 1912) | Volume 7 (1914) | This magazine has a lot about social and economic conditions in Rochester in the early 20th Century. The complete run of the journal is on line here

1912 Representative industry and trade unionism of an American city, by Boutelle Ellsworth Lowe

1913 The working girls and women of Rochester, N.Y Know your city. The gate to equal pay - 8 hours, fire protection and organization is closed to thousands of Rochester's working girls

1913 "The Child in Industry: A Survey of the Employment of Five Thousand Children in Rochester," by Harry C. Taylor, School Census Bulletin, No. 3 (Oct. 1, 1913)

1923 "Development of Industrial Law in the Rochester Clothing Market," by E. W. Morehouse, The Quarterly Journal of Economics 37(2):257-290 (February, 1923)

1927 Illustrated history of the Central Trades and Labor Council, Rochester, N. Y also New York State Federation of Labor and showing statistical data anent the march of union organized labor along the highway of time during the past 75 years

1953 "Making a Living in Rochester: the Diary of Henry D. Silver 1906-1914," ed. by James W. Silver, Rochester History 15(4):1-28 (October, 1953)

1956 "Furniture Makers of Rochester, New York," by Joan Lynn Schild, New York History 37(1):979-106 (January, 1956)

1963 "Organized Labor in Rochester Before 1914," by Blake McKelvey, Rochester History 25(1):1-24 (January 1963)

1963 "Wage Rates on the Erie Canal, 1828-1881," by Walter B. Smith, The Journal of Economic History 23(3):298-311 (September, 1963)

1984 "The Great Uprising in Rochester," Joan M. Jensen, from  A Needle, a Bobbin, a Strike: Women Needleworkers in America, by Joan M. Jensen and Sue Davidson 

1990 "The Limits of Reform: Labor and Discipline on the Erie Canal," by Roger E. Carp, Journal of the Early Republic 10(2):191-219 (Summer, 1990)

Rochester Labor

Occupations Licensed or Certified by New York State

Knights of Labor
Industrial Workers of the World
Labor federation competition in the United States
Emma Goldman National Labor Union Occupational Licensing

Disease, Medicine, and Public Health
1823 Observations on the lake fevers and other diseases of the Genesee country in the State of New York, by Edward G. Ludlow.

1847 Rochester General Hospital opens

1852 Report of the Board of Health, on cholera, as it appeared in Rochester, New York, in 1852.

1857 St. Mary's Hospital opens.   In 1997, St. Mary’s Hospital merged with Park Ridge Hospital (now Unity Hospital) to form Unity Health System.

1889 The Rochester Homeopathic Hospital opens, renamed Genesee Hospital in 1926. Closed in 2001.

1889 Hahnemann Homeopathic Hospital opened, renamed Highland Hospital in 1921.  Affiliated with Strong Health System in 1997.

1890 Annual Report of the Executive Board, in charge of the Water Works, Fire and Highway Departments, and of Street Improvements, for the year ending April 7, 1890.
Pages 107-127:  Report on an endemic of typhoid fever, at Springwater, New York, in October and November, 1889, by Geo W Rafter; M L Mallory

1890 "The Recent Endemic of Typhoid Fever at Springwater, N. Y., considered with special reference to its cause, and the contamination of the Rochester water supply which might result therefrom," by George W. Rafter and M. L. Mallory, Proceedings of the Rochester Academy of Sciences, 1:65-86 (June 23, 1890)

1894 Park Ridge Hospital opens.   In 1997, St. Mary’s Hospital merged with Park Ridge Hospital (now Unity Hospital) to form Unity Health System.

1896 The Sanitation of Rochester, by George Washington Goler

1906 "The Origin, Development and Results of Municipal Milk Work in Rochester, N.Y.," by George W. Goler, Maryland Medical Journal 49(6):201-208 (June 1906)

1907 "But a thousand a year" the cost and the results in Rochester of feeding clean milk as food for the hand-fed baby, by George Washington Goler

1910 "Rochester: The Flower City. A City, Likewise, of Clean Milk, Social Centers and Progress in Many Directions," by Grace Sartwell Mason, Good Housekeeping 51:272-82 (September, 1910)

1910 Results obtained by tuberculin testing a city's retail milk supply, by George W. Goler and F.R. Eilinger.

1910 Medical education in the United States and Canada; a report to the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching by Abraham Flexner

1911 Health in Rochester 1834-1911, by George Washington Goler

1916 "Community Sickness Survey: Rochester, N. Y., September, 1915," by Lee K. Frankel and Louis I. Dublin, Public Health Reports 31(8) 423-438 (February 25, 1916)

1919 Report of Rochester milk survey by the Committee on Public Safety of the Common Council, December, 1919

1922 Eugenical Sterilization in the United States, by Harry Hamilton Laughlin

1924 "Sodium Iodide Treatment of Rochester's Water Supply (with discussion)," by Beekman C. Little, Journal of the American Water Works Association 12(1):68-86 (September, 1924)

1926 Strong Memorial Hospital opens.

1933 Monroe County Home and Infirmary founded from the Monroe County Almshouse, renamed Monroe Community Hospital in 1967

1940 "Rochester Guards Against Typhoid," The Cornell Daily Sun, December 13, 1940, Page 8.

1940 "Rochester Fears Typhoid Outbreak," St. Petersburg Times, December 14, 1940, Page 9.

1941 "The Pollution and Emergency Disinfection of Rochester's Water Supply," by Earl Devendorf, Journal of the American Water Works Association, 33(8):1334-1356 (August, 1941)

1947 "Our Forefathers Tackle an Edipemic--The Cholera of 1832," By Samuel Adams Hopkins, New York Folklore Quarterly, 3:93-101 (1947).

1950 Epidemic cholera, Rochester, 1833, by Donald Ainslie Henderson

1950 Fifty Years of Health in Rochester, New York, 1900-1950, Albert D. Kaiser, M.D., Health Officer

1956 "The History of Public Health in Rochester," by Blake McKelvey, Rochester History 18(3):1-28 (July, 1956)

1958 "The Western Barge," by Gladys Reid Holton, Museum service, bulletin of the Rochester Museum of Arts and Sciences 31:15 (1958) Bringer of cholera in 1832.

1960 "Hope Hospital, the "Rochester Municipal Hospital," 1869-1903; Rochester - the emergence of its great health officer, Dr. Goler; Rochester smallpox, 1902-03 - the end of it," by Howard B. Slavin.

1961 "Asiatic Cholera in Rochester," by Phillis A. Richmond, University of Rochester Library Bulletin 16(3):44-52 (Spring, 1961)    (Local reactions to the outbreaks of 1832, 1849, 1852.)

1973 "The Medical Profession in a New Society, Rochester, New York (1811-1860)," by Edward C. Atwater, Bulletin of the History of Medicine 47(3):221-235 (May-June, 1973)

1975 "Goiter, Iodine and George W. Goler: The Rochester Experiment,” by Lawrence A. Kohn, Bulletin of the History of Medicine 49:389-399 (Fall, 1975)

1975 "The Hospital and Society:  The Growth of Hospitals in Rochester, New York, in the Nineteenth Century," by David B. Lovejoy, Jr., Bulletin of the History of Medicine 48(4):536-555 (Winter, 1975)

1978 "An Alternate Approach to Hospital Cost Control: The Rochester Project," by Andrew A. Sorensen and Ernest W. Saward, Public Health Reports 93(4):311-317 (July-August, 1978)

1982 "Hospital Cost Containment in Rochester: From Maxicap to the Hospital Experimental Payments Program," by Andrew A. Sorensen, Ernest W. Saward and David W. Stewart, Inquiry 19(4):327-335 (Winter, 1982)

1986 The therapeutic perspective: medical practice, knowledge, and identity in America, 1820-1885, by John Harley Warner

1986 Medicine and American growth, 1800-1860, by James H. Cassedy

1987 The cholera years: the United States in 1832, 1849, and 1866, by Charles E. Rosenberg

1989 "'How Might A Low-Cost Hospital System Look?': Lessons from the Rochester Experience," by Sara E. Hartman and Dana B. Mukamel, Medical Care 27(3):234-243 (March, 1989)

1989 In sickness and in wealth: American hospitals in the twentieth century, by Rosemary Stevens

1995 "Venereal disease control in early twentieth century Rochester," by J.W. Hawkins,Thesis for Master of Public Health Degree Program, Department of Community and Preventive Medicine, University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry

1996 "Origins of a Local Hospital: The Real Story," by Teresa K. Lehr, Journal of Public Health Policy 17(1):71-79 (1996) Rochester General Hospital

1998 "The Kimball Tobacco Company and the Anti-Tobacco Movement," by Ruth Rosenberg-Naparsteck, Rochester History 60(1): (Winter 1998)

1999 Time to heal: American medical education from the turn of the century to the era of managed care, by Kenneth M. Ludmerer

1999 Restoring the balance: women physicians and the profession of medicine, 1850-1995, by Ellen Singer More

2008 Making women's medicine masculine: the rise of male authority in pre-modern gynaecology, by Monica Helen Green

2010 "George Washington Goler: The Biggest Crank and the Best Health Officer in the United States," by Theodore M. Brown and Elizabeth Fee, American Journal of Public Health 100(2):237 (February 2010)

2010 "The U.S. Military and the Influenza Pandemic of 1918–1919," Carol R. Byerly, Public Health Report 125(Suppl3):82-91 (2010) | also see other articles in this issue |

2010 "Commentary: Understanding the Flexner Report," by Kenneth M. Ludmerer, MD, Academic Medicine 85(2) 193-196 (February 2010)

2011 Communities and Health Care: The Rochester, New York, Experiment, by Sarah F. Liebschutz

2012 "The Flexner Report of 1910 and Its Impact on Complementary and Alternative Medicine and Psychiatry in North America in the 20th Century," Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine

2017 "How the Horrific 1918 Flu Spread Across America," by John M. Barry, Smithsonian Magazine (November 2017)

Rochester Academy of Medicine | History and Archives |

Deadliest American Disasters and Large Loss-Of-Life Events

George Washington Goler
Flexner Report
Strong Memorial Hospital
Rochester General Hospital
George Hoyt Whipple University of Rochester Medical Center Highland Hospital Genesee Hospital
Unity Hospital Eastman Dental Dispensary
Typhoid Fever
1918 Influenza Pandemic Smallpox
Eastman Dental Dispensary
Medicare Medicaid Health Insurance Single-payer Healthcare

Mental Health
1855 Two Years and Three Months in the New York State Lunatic Asylum at Utica: Together with the Outlines of Twenty Years' Peregrinations in Syracuse, by Phebe B. Davis

1859 Monroe County Insane Asylum opens, taken over by New York State in 1891 and renamed Rochester State Hospital.  Now the Rochester Psychiatric Center.

1875 Annual report of the managers of the State Lunatic Asylum, Utica, N.Y.

1983 Mental illness and American society, 1875-1940, by Gerald N. Grob

2003 The invisible plague: the rise of mental illness from 1750 to the present, by E. Fuller Torrey, M.D. and Judy Miller

Records of the Monroe County Insane Asylum (1857-1891)

Records of the Rochester State Hospital

Lunatic Asylum Psychiatric Hospitals Mental Health

Poverty, Debt, and Social Services
1818 A Disquisition on Imprisonment for Debt, as the Practice Exists in the State of New York, by Joseph D. Fay

1823 Remarks on the Law of Imprisonment for Debt; Showing its Unconstitutionality, and Its Demoralizing Influence on the Community, by Thomas Herttell

1826 Monroe County Almshouse Founded

1828 "Of the Imprisonment of Persons Arrested in Civil Process," The Revised Statutes of the State of New York.  December 10, 1828
§9.  No female shall be imprisoned on any process in any civil action, founded upon contract.

1830 An act to exempt certain Officers and Soldiers of the Revolutionary Army from Imprisonment for Debt.  April 27, 1830. (New York State)

1831 "Imprisonment for Debt," The North American Review 32(71):490-508 (April, 1831) | also here |

1831 An act to abolish Imprisonment for Debt, and to punish Fraudulent Debtors.  April 26, 1831. (New York State)

1831 "New York.  Imprisonment for Debt," Annual Report of the Board of Managers of the Prison Discipline Society, May 24, 1831.  Includes debtors in Rochester and Monroe County.

1839 "Imprisonment for Debt in New York," Annual Report of the Board of Managers of the Prison Discipline Society

1855 The collection laws of the several states, and the District of Columbia: comprising, in a condensed form, the laws relating to imprisonment for debt, attachment ... &c. Designed as a text book for merchants and business men generally, and a book of reference for members of the legal profession by James D. Brown

1856 A Report to the Managers of the House for Idle and Truant Children, with Facts and Anecdotes Showing the Intellectual and Moral Improvement of the Children, by Samuel Chapman

1873 "Imprisonment for Debt," The New York Times, March 20, 1873, Page 4. | part 2 |

1880 The act to abolish imprisonment for debt : and to punish fraudulent debtors, commonly called "the Stilwell act," with forms and references to the judicial decisions thereunder, by Hon. David McAdam.

1895 Poor-laws of Massachusetts and New York: With Appendices Containing the United States Immigration and Contract-labor Laws, by John Cummings

1903 The Children's Playground League.

1907 The Playground, The Playground Association of America

1911 The Fourth Ward Survey, Rochester, New York, by Edwin Alfred Rumball

1911 A Sanitary Survey of Rochester, N. Y., by Caroline Bartlett Crane

1916 The Social Survey, by Carol Aronovici

1917 Participating Americans: The Story of One Year's Work for the Americanization of Buffalo, by Edwin A. Rumball | also here |

1923 A report of a survey of the juvenile delinquency in Rochester, New York, by Henry W. Thurston for the Child Welfare League of America.

1933 "Unemployed Boys and Girls in Rochester and Utica, New York," by Alice Channing, U.S. Children's Bureau Publication no. 218 (1933)

1952 "Imprisonment for Debt in America: Fact and Fiction," by Edwin T. Randall, The Mississippi Valley Historical Review 39(1):89-102 (June, 1952)

1937 Hillside Centennial, 1837-1937, by Hillside Home for Children

1958 "A History of Social Welfare in Rochester," by Blake McKelvey, Rochester History 20(4):1-28 (October 1958)

1961 "A Semi-Centennial Review of Family Service of Rochester, Inc.," by Blake McKelvey, Rochester History 23(2):1-20 (April 1961)

1974 The urban elderly poor: racial and bureaucratic conflict, by Richard S. Sterne, James E. Phillips, and Alvin Rabushka | also here | Mainly about Rochester.

1983 "The History of Imprisonment for Debt and its Relation to the Development of Discharge in Bankruptcy," Jay Cohen, The Law School Record 29:5-12 (Fall 1983)

1986 President Johnson's war on poverty: rhetoric and history, by David Zarefsky

1999 Debtors and Creditors in America: Insolvency, Imprisonment for Debt, and Bankruptcy, 1607-1900, by Peter J. Coleman

2009 "I.O.U. How we used to treat debtors," by Jill Lepore, The New Yorker (April 13, 2009)

2010 "The Last Bankrupt Hanged: Balancing Incentives in the Development of Bankruptcy Law," by Emily Kadens, Duke Law Journal 59(7):1231-1319 (April 2010)

2013 Abolition Is Not Just for Slavery: Abolishing Debtors’ Prison in America by Changing Debt from Criminal to Circumstantial, 1830-1831, by Misty Hope | pdf |

2013 American Debtors' Prison: The Rise of the New York Citizen as a Commercial Participant during the Early American Republic, 1800-1836, by Ryan M. Braeger

2016 "State Bans on Debtors’ Prisons and Criminal Justice Debt," Harvard Law Review 129:1024 (February 10, 2016)

2018 A Pound of Flesh:  The Criminalization of Private Debt

Hillside Family of Agencies | Archives |

Rochester Female Charitable Society papers

Debtor's Prisons Poor House Bankruptcy in the United States
Social Security
Hillside Family of Agencies

LGBTQ Life and Culture
1985 "Mains Narrowly Defeats Jackson," Rochester Democrat and Chronicle, November 6, 1985, Page 1.
Tim O. Mains narrow victory meant he will be the first openly homosexual person to hold elective office in Monroe County.

1987 The rise of a gay and lesbian movement, by Barry D. Adam

1992 The Gay and Lesbian Liberation Movement, by Margaret Cruikshank

The Out Alliance | History |

The Empty Closet | past issues | One of the oldest continuously published LGBT papers in the United States. Begun at the University of Rochester by Bob Osborn and Larry Fine, the founders of the UR student group, Rochester Gay Liberation Front, and later transferred to the Gay Alliance of the Genesee Valley (GAGV)

Image Out

Shoulders to Stand On: Document the History of the LGBT Community in Rochester, NY

Stonewall Riots The Empty Closet
Gay Liberation Front
Sodomy Laws

Census (Federal and New York) New York State conducted a census every ten years from 1825 to 1875, in 1892, and then again from 1905-1925, but the information is not readily available.xx
1865 Census of the State of New York, for 1865.

1923 The woman home-maker in the city: a study of statistics relating to married women in the city of Rochester, N.Y., at the census of 1920, by Bertha M. Nienburg.

1950 "Population of Rochester,"by Blake McKelvey, Rochester History 12(4):1-24 (October, 1950)

1993 "Peopling the Post-Revolutionary New York Frontier," by James W. Darlington, New York History 74(4):341-381 (October, 1993)

2005 Historical Census Statistics On Population Totals By Race, 1790 to 1990, and By Hispanic Origin, 1970 to 1990, For Large Cities And Other Urban Places In The United States

2012 Decennial census population totals for the 100 largest cities and other urban places in the United States based on the 21 decennial censuses taken from 1790 to 1990.

U.S. Census Bureau, includes a vast amount of information

Statistical Abstracts of the United States

Decennial Census of Population and Housing

Data and statistics: U.S. Census Data (River Campus Libraries)

United States Census Bureau
New York State Censuses

Immigration and Naturalization
1884 Das Deutschthum Rochester's: Historische Skizze, Seinen Deutschen Mitbürgern zum 50-Jährigen Jubiläum der Stadt Rochester, by Hermann Pfafflin

1907 Immigration, the Cause of Hard Times in America: Read, Reflect, Act, by America's Improvement Society

1911? Populus rocestriensis: an introduction to the demography of Rochester, N.Y., by Edwin Alfred Rumball.

1914 "Populus Rocestriensis: An Introduction to the Demography of Rochester," by Edwin Rumball, The Common-Good of Civil and Social Rochester 7(11):163-180 (August, 1914)

1915 Hundertjahrige Gesehichte des Deutschtums von Rochester, by Hermann Pfafflin | also here |

1916 Four-score years : a contribution to the history of the Catholic Germans in Rochester, by Thomas W. Mullaney.

1916 The Rochester plan of immigrant education, prepared by Charles E. Finch.

1958 "The Germans in Rochester: Their Traditions and Contributions," by Blake McKelvey, Rochester History 20(1):1-28 (January, 1958)

1963 "Rochester’s Ethnic Transformations," by Blake McKelvey, Rochester History 25(3):1-24 (July 1963)

1971 "Ethnic Groups in America: The Italians of Rochester," by Boris H. Mikolji, Il Politico 36(4):660-682 (Dicembre, 1971)

1977 Family and community: Italian immigrants in Buffalo, 1880-1930, by Virginia Yans-McLaughlin

1985 Ethnic Rochester, edited by James S. Pula.  The ethnic groups covered, each with a chapter by a different author, are the Poles, the Italians, the Germans, the Irish, and the Ukrainians.

1993 "Pakistanis in Rochester, New York:  Establishing Islamic identity in the American Melting Pot," by Salahuddin Malik, Islamic Studies 32(4):461-475 (Winter, 1993)

1995 How the Irish Became White, by Noel Ignatiev | pdf of book |

2001 A review of the restrictions on persons of Italian ancestry during World War II.

2006 "To Feed the Hungry: Rochester and Irish Famine Relief," by Harvey Strum, Rochester History 68(3):1-23 (Summer, 2006)

2007 "Building the Barrio: A Story of Rochester’s Puerto Rican Pioneers," by Karen McCally, Rochester History 70(1):1-28 (Summer, 2007)

2007 A 100-year history of the German community in Rochester, New York (1815-1915), by Herman Friedrich Wilhelm Pfa?fflin; Rudolf Wallenberg; Holman J Swinney; Hugo Huedepohl; Max Schaible

2008 Ireland's New Worlds: immigrants, politics, and society in the United States and Australia, 1815-1922, by Malcolm Campbell

2010 Not Fit for Our Society: Immigration and Nativism in America, by Peter Schrag | also here |

2012 "Rochester, Refugees, and the Jewish Community, 1930 to 1950," by Mary Posman, Rochester History 74(2):1-28 (Fall 2012)

Immigration to the United States Citizenship Birth Certificate Immigration Act of 1924
Immigration and Nationality Act of 1952 Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965 History of immigration to the United States

Lakes and Rivers
1809 An act to raise Money to build a Bridge across the Genesee-River.  March 30, 1809.

1847 Report on the Diversion of Water of the Genesee River for the Supply of the Erie and Genesee Valley Canals, by Daniel Marsh, Civil Engineer

1877 "Protection against Floods," Rochester Democrat and Chronicle, February 9, 1877, Page 4. | part 2 |
Interesting and Valuable Report of Engineer Tubbs to his Honor, Mayor Parsons.

1893 "The Finger Lakes of New York," by Albert P. Brigham, Journal of the American Geographical Society of New York 25(1):203-223 (1893)

1905 Report of the Committee on Investigation of Flood Conditions Affecting the City of Rochester, N.Y.

1908 The Proposed Dam and Storage Reservoir at Portage, N.Y., by American Scenic and Historic Preservation Society

1937 Report to Hon. Harold W. Baker, city manager, of a study of flood conditions in the Genesee river, having specific relation to a civic center, also to the general subject of flood protection for the city of Rochester, together with a digest of former reports - also a reference to the large floods of 1935, 1936 and 1937 in the eastern part of the United States, 1925-1937, by Edwin A. Fisher
Pages 81-85:  Chapter IV. Data on Previous Floods.

1941 "Historic Main Street Bridge," by Dorothy S. Truesdale, Rochester History 3(2):1-24 (April, 1941)

1963 The Genesee, by Henry W. Clune (preview)

1994 Geology of the Erie Canal, Rochester Gorge, and Eastern Monroe County, New York State:  In the footsteps of Amos Eaton and James Hall, by Thomas X. Grasso and Richard M. Liebe

1996 "The Sleeping Giant – The Story of the Mt. Morris Dam," by Ruth Rosenberg-Naparsteck, Rochester History 58(3) (Summer, 1996)

Genesee River Mount Morris Dam
Letchworth State Park
Lake Ontario
Irondequoit Bay
Finger Lakes
Hemlock Lake
Pont du Rennes Bridge

Agriculture and Mining
1831 The Genesee Farmer | 1838 Vol 8 |

1833 Report of the Canal Board, on three petitions from "farmers and other citizens residing in western New-York," April 18, 1833.  Wheat and flour combinations

1893 "Salt and Gypsum Industries of New York," Bulletin of the New York State Museum 3(11) (April, 1893)

1926 "Waterways in Livestock and Meat Trade," by Rudolf A. Clemen, The American Economic Review 16(4):640-652 (December, 1926)

1932 "New York Agriculture Meets the West 1830-1850 (I)," by Russell H. Anderson, The Wisconsin Magazine of History 16(2):163-198 (December, 1932)

1933 "New York Agriculture Meets the West 1830-1850 (V)," by Russell H. Anderson, The Wisconsin Magazine of History 16(3):285-296 (March, 1933)

1936 "What Farmers Read in Western New York, 1800-1850," by Ulysses P. Hedrick, New York History 17(3):281-289 (July, 1936)

1938 Lilacs in the Rochester parks, by R.E. Horsey

1940 "The Flower City: Center of Nurseries and Fruit Orchards," by Blake McKelvey

1945 "The Landed Gentry of the Genesee," by Neil Adams McNall, New York History 26(2):162-176 (April, 1945)

1945 The first half-century of Wadsworth tenancy, by Neil Adams McNall.

1946 "King Wheat in the Genesee Valley," by Neil Adams McNall, New York History 27(4):426-443 (October, 1946)

1947 "The Spread of Improved Cattle through the Eastern United States to 1850," by George F. Lemmer, Agricultural History 21(2):79-93 (April, 1947)

1949 "The Salt Industry of Syracuse - a brief review," by Joseph Hawley Murphy, New York History 30(3):304-315 (July, 1949)

1952 An agricultural history of the Genesee Valley, 1790-1860, by Neil Adams McHall

1962 "The Impact of Technological Change on American Agriculture, 1862-1962," Wayne D. Rasmussen, The Journal of Economic History 22(4):578-591 (December, 1962)

1968 "Innovation and Diffusion in Agriculture," by Gould P. Colman, Agricultural History 42(3):173-188 (July, 1968)

1969 "Agricultural Change in New York State, 1850-1890," by Paul W. Gates, New York History 50(2):115-141 (April, 1969)

1970 "In Praise of Farming: An Aspect of The Movement for Agricultural Improvement in the Northeast, 1815-1840," by Donald B. Marti, New York History 51(4):351-375 (July, 1970)

1975 "Transport Change and Agricultural Specialization," by J. Harold Leaman and E. C. Conkling, Annals of the Association of American Geographers 65(3):425-432 (September, 1975)

1980 "Agricultural Journalism and the Diffusion of Knowledge: The First Half-Century in America," by Donald B. Marti, Agricultural History 54(1):28-37 (January, 1980) Agricultural History Symposium: Science and Technology in Agriculture

1986 "Feminist Friends: Agrarian Quakers and the Emergence of Woman's Rights in America," by Nancy A. Hewitt, Feminist Studies 22(1):27-49 (Spring, 1986)

1996 Salt Mining in New York: The Ins and Outs of the Solution Mining Industry and Its Significance, by Peter S. Briggs

1998 The Onondaga New York Salt Works (1654 - 1926), by Valerie Jackson Bell

1999 "The Retsof Salt Mine Collapse," U.S. Geological Survey Circular 1182

2000 Salt Production in Syracuse, New York ("The Salt City") and the Hydrogeology of the Onondaga Creek Valley

2001 "The Salt of the Earth:  Warsaw, New York and its Nineteenth Century Salt Industry," by Gabriel LeMar Judkins, Middle States Geographer 34:19-25 (2001)

2006 "Restructuring America's Dairy Farms," by John A. Cross, Geographical Review 96(1):1-23 (January, 2006)

American Rock Salt

The Genesee Farmer Salt Mining
History of Salt
Retsof Salt Mine
Salt Industry in Syracuse

Business and Industry
1847 "Rochester Flour Manufacture and Trade," The Merchants' Magazine and Commercial Review 16(1):96 (January, 1847)

1847 "Wool Trade of Rochester," The Merchants' Magazine and Commercial Review 16(1):106 (January, 1847)

1849 "Rochester Flour Trade," The Merchants' Magazine and Commercial Review 20:100 (January, 1849)

1879 The telegraph in America Its founders, promoters, and noted men, by James D. Reed

1881 Commerce, manufactures & resources of Rochester, N.Y A descriptive review.

1885 Historical and descriptive review of the industries of Rochester, 1885 trade, commerce and manufactures, manufacturing advantages, business and transportation facilities, together with sketches of the principal business houses and manufacturing establishments

1888 The industries of the city of Rochester a re?sume? of her past history and progress : together with a condensed summary of her industrial advantages and her development : and a series of comprehensive sketches of her representative business enterprises

1892 American millionaires : the Tribune's list of persons reputed to worth a million or more. Lines of business in which the fortunes were made.  List of 23 millionaires in Rochester

1894 History and Commerce of Rochester | also here |

1895 1795-1895. One Hundred Years of American Commerce, Volume I | Volume II |

1907 A history of the brewery and liquor industry of Rochester, N.Y

1910 "What a Rochester Newspaper Says About the Coopers of that City," The Barrel and Box 14(11):30 (January, 1910)

1919 The Book of Industrial Rochester

1920 "Rochester and the Shoe Industry," by Edgar P. Reed, The Quarterly Journal of the New York State Historical Association 1(5):241-243 (October, 1920)

1937 "The Records of a Flour Milling Firm of Rochester, New York," by Henrietta M. Larson, Bulletin of the Business Historical Society 11(6):108-110 (December, 1937)

1952 "Diary of a One-Horse Enterpriser: Fifty Years Ago in Upstate New York," ed. James W. Silver, New York History 33(2):264-191 (April, 1952)

1953 "A History of Rochester Shoe Industry," by Blake McKelvey, Rochester History 15(2):1-28 (April, 1953)

1956 "Furniture Makers of Rochester, New York," by Joan Lynn Schild, New York History 37(1):97-106 (January, 1956)

1957 "Rochester's Flour-Milling Industry in Pre-Canal Days," by Edmond M. Beame, The Business History Review 31(2):209-225 (Summer, 1957)

1960 "The Men’s Clothing Industry in Rochester’s History," by Blake McKelvey, Rochester History 22(3): (April, 1960)

1961 Monopoly on wheels: Henry Ford and the Selden automobile patent, by William Greenleaf

1963 "Chester F. Carlson, Inventor of Xerography - A biography," by A. Dinsdale, Photographic Science and Engineering, 7:1-4 (1963)

1971 "Flour Milling in Rochester," by Blake McKelvey, Rochester History 33(3):1-24 (July, 1971)

1981 "Rochester and the Automobile Industry," by Joseph Barnes, Rochester History 43(2&3):1-39 (April & July, 1981)

1987 "Paying for the Dreams: A Short History of Banking in Rochester," by Gerard Muhl, Rochester History 49(2):1-24 (April 1987)

1988 "Frankfort: Birthplace of Rochester’s Industry," by Ruth Rosenberg-Naparsteck, Rochester History 50(3):1-24  (July, 1988)

1990 "George Eastman," by Elizabeth Brayer, Rochester History 52(1):1-24 (Winter 1990)

1992 "Geology and Industrial History of the Rochester Gorge: Part One," by Thomas X. Grasso, Rochester History 54(4):1-44 (Fall 1992) | Part Two 55(1):1-36 (Winter, 1993) |

1995 Managers and workers: origins of the twentieth-century factory system in the United States, 1880-1920, by Daniel Nelson

1996 George Eastman: A Biography, by Elizabeth Brayer

1997 "The Triphammer Forge," by Spurgeon King, Rochester History 59(2):1-13 (Spring, 1997)

1997 "Robert Dalzell, Master Millwright of the Genesee," by Spurgeon King, Rochester History 59(2):14-24 (Spring, 1997)

2003 "Inventing Amateur Film: Marion Norris Gleason, Eastman Kodak and the Rochester Scene, 1921-1932," by Dwight Swanson, Film History 15(2):126-136 (2003)

2005 Inventing the cotton gin: machine and myth in antebellum America, by Angela Lakwete

2015 Who Owns the "Flour City"? by Chris Clemens, October 4, 2015.

2018 "Supplying Rochester in the Age of the Erie Canal:  An Examination of the Inventories of Ceramic and Glass Merchant Benjamin Seabury," Masters Thesis, University of Delaware

Mathias Kondolf & Genesee Brewing Company

Henry O'Reilly Bausch & Lomb John Jacob Bausch Henry Lomb
Western Union Samuel L. Selden Hiram Sibley Don Alonzo Watson
George Eastman Eastman Kodak R. T. French Company Kate Gleason
Cunningham Automobile Selden Motor Vehicle Company George B. Selden Genesee Brewing Company
Gleason Corporation James Cunningham, Son and Company Cunningham-Hall Aircraft Corporation Midtown Plaza
Flour Milling Sibley's
Marketplace Mall
George Ellwanger
Patrick Barry Linden-South Historic District Kodak Park
Chester Carlson Joseph C. Wilson General Railway Signal Rochester Products Divisio
Stromberg-Carlson Frontier Telephone of Rochester Hickey Freeman Eastman Business Park
Henry Alvah Strong Rochester Telephone Corporation Barrels Tom Golisano
Seth Green Brown's Race Historic District

Food and Hospitality
1965 Food Consumption and Dietary Levels of Older Households in Rochester New York, U.S. Department of Agriculture

1969 "From Stagecoach Taverns to Airline Motels," by Blake McKelvey, Rochester History 31(4):1-24 (October 1969)

2010 Fresh: a perishable history, by Susanne Freidberg

2011 Hotel dreams: luxury, technology, and urban ambition in America, 1829-1929, by Molly W. Berger

2014 "'I Know I'm Home When I Have One:' The Cultural Significance of the Garbage Plate of Rochester, NY," by Emily Fekete, Material Culture 46(1):25-43 (Spring 2014) Special Issue: Food as Material Culture

Wegmans Food Markets Nick Tahou Hots Zweigle's Bill Gray's
Abbott's Frozen Custard Tom Wahl's Dinosaur Bar-B-Que Rohrbach Brewing Company

Public Services
1882 Charter, by-laws and history of the Rochester Fire Department from 1817-1882 : together with the dedication of the Firemen's Monument, Thursday, September 9th, 1880, compiled by Henry W. Matthews, Lyman M. Newton and George B. Harris.

1903 History of the Police Department of Rochester, N.Y. : from the earliest times to May 1, 1903, by William F. Peck

1908 The Origin & Development of Rochester's Park System

1913 Report on the Sewage Disposal System of Rochester, N.Y., by Edwin Augustus Fisher

1965 "Snowstorms and Snow Fighting–The Rochester Experience," by Blake McKelvey, Rochester History 27(1):1-24 (January 1965)

History of Rochester's Water Works.

Rochester Police Department
Rochester Fire Department Headquarters and Shop
Fire Engines
Western House of Refuge
Sibley Fire (1904) Eminent Domain

Taxation, Finance, and Corporations
1890 "History of the New York Property Tax," by John Christopher Schwab, Publications of the American Economic Association 5(5):17-108 (September, 1890)

1901 Two Centuries' Growth of American Law, 1701-1901 (see chapters 9 and 10 for municipal and private corporations)

1906 A Manual of New York Corporation Law: Containing the Important Statutes, by Richard Compton Harrison

1908 A Treatise on the Incorporation and Organization of Corporations, by Thomas Gold Frost

1914 The Financial History of New York State from 1789 to 1912, by Don Conger Sowers

1916 The Purposes of the Indebtedness of American Cities 1880-1912, by Fred Emerson Clark

1923 Report of a study of the financial condition and practices of the city of Rochester, N.Y.

1924 Memorandum on the Automobile as a Source of Municipal Revenue. Rochester (proposes a gasoline tax)

1930 The government and finance of Rochester, New York, by Donald W. Gilbert.  Covers period from 1817 to 1892.

1936 Municipal bonds; a century of experience, by A.M. Hillhouse .

1944 Rochester; A Study in Civic Values, by University of Rochester (Survey of money problems facing the city, with suggestions for broadening the tax base and easing tax burdens.)

1953 Railroads of New York: a study of government aid, 1826-1875, Harry Hubert Pierce | also here |

1969 “Frontier Attitudes and Debt Collection in Western New York,” by Robert W. Silsby, in The Frontier in American Development: Essays in Honor of Paul Wallace Gates, ed. David M. Ellis.

1980 "A New York City Creditor and His Upstate Debtors: Isaac Bronson's Moneylending, 1819–1836," by Grant Morrison, New York History 61(3):255-276 (July, 1980)

Taxation Finance Corporations

The Great Depression and other Financial Recessions
1932 "The Rochester Unemployment Benefit Plan," by Marion B. Folsom, Proceedings of the Academy of Political Science 14(4):11-23 (January, 1932) Can Prices, Production and Employment Be Effectively Regulated?

1952 "The Depression of 1893 in Rochester," by Patricia E. Fisler, Rochester History 14(3): (July, 1952)

Great Depression List of recessions in the United States
Unemployment Benefits
Civilian Conservation Corps

Transportation and Travel (General)
1784 Letter from George Washington to Benjamin Harrison, October 10, 1784.  Proposing a canal to the Ohio River

1799 "Joseph Avery's Journal, 1799," by  S. D. Van Alstine, The Quarterly Journal of the New York State Historical Association 2(4):251-166 (October, 1921) | also here |

1800 Observations on the proposed state road, from Hudson's River, near the city of Hudson, to Lake Erie, by the Oleout, Catharine's, Bath, and Gray's settlement, on the western bounds of Steuben County, by Charles Williamson and Peter Maverick

1805 Journal of a Tour to Niagara Falls in the year 1805, by Timothy Bigelow (1876)

1808 Report of the Secretary of the Treasury; on the Subject of Public Roads and Canals, by Albert Gallatin

1821 Sketches of Upper Canada, Domestic, Local, and Characteristic: To which are Added, Practical Details for the Information of Emigrants of Every Class ; and Some Recollections of the United States of America, by John Howison.  Includes his journey from Lewiston to Rochester and Utica. 

1822 "Our travels, statistical, geographical, mineorological, geological, historical, political, and quizzical" : a Knickerbocker tour of New York State, 1822,  written by myself XYZ etc ; edited with an introduction. and notes, by Louis Leonard Tucker. (1968) | also here |  In late August 1822, at the height of a yellow fever epidemic in New York City, an alarmed resident of the lower city resettled his family in the Bedford section of Brooklyn Village. With two male companions, he then boarded the steamboat Chancellor Livingston on August 28 and sailed up the Hudson River to Newburgh. There they boarded a stage and travelled across New York State to Niagara Falls and the adjoining area. They returned along the "psychic highway" of western and central New York to Albany, thence down the Hudson to New York City by steamboat. In the course of the month-long trip, the gentleman who had fled the city maintained a journal.

1827 Travels in North America, Volume 1, by Captain Basil Hall.  Visited Rochester in June, 1827.

1827 Prospective economy in the future public works of the State of New York, describing the savings and effects on the Otsego, Chenango, Cayuga, Chemung and Allegany routes, by the use of the durable wooden lock, and single elevated railway, by John Langdon Sullivan

1828 Three Years in North America, Volume 1, by James Stuart (1833) | Volume 2 |

1833 A Visit to the United States and Canada in 1833: With the View of Settling in America: Including a Voyage to and from New-York, by Richard Weston (1836)

1840 A Description of the Canals and Rail Roads of the United States, Comprehending Notices of All the Works of Internal Improvement Throughout the Several States, by Henry Schenck Tanner

1915 "The History of Transportation in the Mohawk Valley," by William G. Mayer, Proceedings of the New York State Historical Association 14:214-230 (1915)

1919 The Turnpikes of New England and Evolution of the Same Through England, Virginia, and Maryland, by Frederic James Wood

1951 The Transportation Revolution, 1815-1860, by George Rogers Taylor

1965 "English Travelers to Niagara, 1785-1830," by David D. Anderson, New York History 46(2):145-161 (April, 1965)

1982 Upstate travels : British views of nineteenth-century New York, edited, with an introduction, by Roger Haydon.

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1992 "Economy, Community, and Law: The Turnpike Movement in New York, 1797-1845," by Daniel B. Klein and John Majewski, Law & Society Review 26(3):469-512 (1992)

New York State Museum of Transportation, Rush, New York

New York State Museum of Transportation
Rochester Fast Ferry

1859 A Practical Treatise on Street Or Horsepower Railways: Their Location, Construction and Management: With General Plans and Rules for Their Organization and Operation; together with examinations as to their comparative advantages over the Omnibus System and Inquiries as to Their Value for Investment; Including Copies of Municipal Ordinances Relating Thereto, by Alexander Easton {Easton later built a failed water works system in Rochester.}

1872 "The Position of the Horse in Modern Society," The Nation 383:277-278 (October 31, 1872)

1878 The World on Wheels; or Carriages, with Their Historical Associations from the Earliest Time to the Present Time, Including a Selection from the American Centennial Exhibition, by Ezra M. Stratton

1894 The Animal as a Machine and Prime Mover, by Robert Henry Thurston

1956 "By Horse and Waggon: The Diary of Alpheus Sherman," by Peter B. Schroeder, New York History 37(4):432-451 (October, 1956)  Journey from New York City to Central New York and return in 1822.

1997 "The Centrality of the Horse to the Nineteenth-Century American City,” by Joel Tarr and Clay McShane, from The Making of Urban America, pp. 105-130 | excerpt here |

1999 “A Note on the Horse as an Urban Power Source,” by Joel Tarr, Journal of Urban History 25:434-448 (March, 1999)

2007 The Horse in the City: Living Machines in the Nineteenth Century, by Clay McShane and Joel Tarr | also here |

2008 "The Horse as an Urban Technology," by Joel A. Tarr and Clay McShane, Journal of Urban Technology 15(1):5-17 (April, 2008)

2009 Horses at Work: Harnessing Power in Industrial America, by Ann Norton Greene | also here |

2018 Farewell to the Horse: A Cultural History, by Ulrich Raulff

Horse Bus Horse Car

Canals (Also see Annual Reports of the Canal Commissioners)
1785 Proposals for the Speedy Settlement of the Waste and Unappropriated Lands of the Western Frontiers of the State of New-York, and for the Improvement of the Inland Navigation Between Albany and Oswego, by Christopher Colles

1792 An act for establishing and opening lock navigations within this State.  March 30, 1792.

1796 A Treatise on the Improvement of Canal Navigation, by Robert Fulton

1797 Letter from Robert Fulton to President George Washington, February 5, 1797.

1809 Report of James Geddes of explorations for canal route under concurrent resolution of March 21, and April 6, 1808, January 20, 1809. | also here | Map showing Genesee River and proposed canal junction |

1811 Report of the commissioners appointed by joint resolutions of the honorable Senate and Assembly of the state of New-York, the 13th & 15th March, 1810, to explore the route of an inland navigation from Hudson's River to Lake Ontario and Lake Erie. | also here |

1811 Map of the Western Part of the State of New York showing the route of a proposed canal

1812 Report of the Commissioners, Appointed by an Act of the Legislature of the State of New-York, Entitled, "An Act to Provide for the Improvement of the Internal Navigation of the State," Passed April 8th, 1811, for the Consideration of All Matters Relating to the Said Inland Navigation

1816 Memorial of the Commissioners of the state of New-York, in behalf of said state; praying the aid of the general government in opening a communication between the navigable waters of the Hudson River and the Lakes. December 11, 1816. Referred to the committee on so much of the President's message as relates to roads and canals.

1816 A serious appeal to the wisdom and patriotism of the Legislature of the state of New-York, on the subject of a canal communication between the Great Western Lakes and the waters of the Hudson

1817 Report of the Commissioners of the State of New York on the Canals from Lake Erie to the Hudson River and from Lake Champlain to the Same, presented to the Legislature, 17th February, 1817
Page 22:  It is proposed to pass the Genesee river, by a dam ten feet high, with a bridge some distance above it, for a towing path.  The place of passing is a few chains south of the village of Rochester.

1817 Report of the Board of Commissioners on the Northern, Or Champlain Canal, March 18, 1817

1817 An act respecting navigable communications between the great western and northern lakes and the Atlantic ocean.  April 15, 1817.

1817 The official reports of the Canal Commissioners of the state of New York : and the acts of the Legislature respecting navigable communications between the great western and northern lakes and the Atlantic ocean; with perspicuous maps and profiles. Published at the request of the Board of Canal Commissioners.

1818 Considerations on the great western canal, from the Hudson to Lake Erie: with a view of its expense, advantages, and progress, by Charles G. Haines. Re-published by order of the New-York Corresponding Association, for the Promotion of Internal Improvements.

1819 Considerations against continuing The Great Canal West of the Seneca, by Peter Ploughshare [William Williams]

1820 History of the Rise, Progress, and Existing Condition of the Western Canals in the State of New-York: From September 1788, to ... 1819. Together with the Rise, Progress, and Existing State of Modern Agricultural Societies, on the Berkshire System, from 1807, to the Establishment of the Board of Agriculture in the State of New-York, January 10, 1820, by Elkanah Watson

1821 Public Documents, Relating to the New-York Canals: Which are to Connect the Western and Northern Lakes, with the Atlantic Ocean; with an Introduction, by New York Corresponding Association for the Promotion of Internal Improvements

1821 The Canal Policy of the State of New York: Delineated in a Letter to R. Troup, Etc. By Tacitus [DeWitt Clinton}

1821 A new map and profile of the proposed canal from Lake Erie to Hudson River in the State of New York

1822 Description of a Direct Route for the Erie Canal at its Eastern Termination, by John Randel, Jun.

1824 A pocket guide for the tourist and traveller, along the line of the canals [electronic resource] : and the interior commerce of the state of New York, by Horatio Gates Spafford

1825 Memoir: Prepared at the Request of a Committee of the Common Council of the City of New York, and Presented to the Mayor of the City, at the Celebration of the Completion of the New York Canals, by Cadwallader David Colden | also here |

1825 Narrative of the Festivities Observed in Honor of the Completion of the Grand Erie Canal, uniting the waters of the Great Western Lakes with the Atlantic Ocean, by William L. Stone | also here |

1825 Facts and observations in relation to the origin and completion of the Erie canal, by John Rutherford [i.e.: Rutherfurd]

1825 Laws of the State of New York, in Relation to the Erie and Champlain Canals: Together with the Annual Reports of the Canal Commission Ers, and Other Documents Requisite for a Complete Official History of Those Works. Also, Correct Maps Delineating the Routes of the Erie and Champlain Canals, and Designating the Lands Through which They Pass. Volume 1 | Volume 2 | also here |

1829 Memoir of De Witt Clinton: With an Appendix, Containing Numerous Documents, by David Hosack | Part 2 |

1831 Brief View of the System of Internal Improvement of the State of Pennsylvania, by Mathew Carey
"The time will come, when Canals shall pass through every vale--wind round every hill--and bind the whole country in one bond of social intercourse."

1831+ Annual report of the Commissioners of the Canal Fund, respecting the tolls collected, and the property transported on the canals ...with other statistical information |1848+ | 1820 | 1824+ |

1833 Rates of Toll, Canal Regulations, and Distances on the New-York State Canals: As Established by the Canal Board, the Commissioners of the Canal Fund, and the Canal Commissioners, and in Force on Said Canals on the 15th March, 1833

1834 Report of the Commissioners of the Canal Fund |1836 |

1835 Proceedings of a meeting of citizens of New York : favourable to the construction of a canal from Rochester, on the Erie Canal, to Olean, on the Allegany River : held at Colonel Jessup's Union Hall, February 7, 1835 with the resolutions adopted by the Common Councils of New York and Brooklyn, and the American Institute, and a memorial to the legislature.

1835 Report of the canal commissioners on a resolution of the Assembly of the 23d February, relative to the cost of canals and rail-roads, March 14, 1835

1844 Report of the Committee on Canals on so much of the Governor's message as relates to canals.

1845 Five years on the Erie Canal: an account of some of the most striking scenes and incidents, during five years' labor on the Erie Canal, and other inland waters, by Dea M. Eaton, missionary of the American Bethel Society.

1849 The Life and Writings of De Witt Clinton, by William W. Campbell

1850 Report of the Canal Board in relation to Honeoye, Conesus and other Lakes

1850 Annual report of the State Engineer and Surveyor on the canals of the State of New York.

1854 Report: of a survey of the Genesee Valley Canal, made in September, 1854, by Daniel Marsh and Silas Cornell

1855 Map of the Genesee Valley Canal

1858 Map and profiles of New-York State canals

1863 Documentary Sketch of New York State Canals, by S.H.Sweet

1866 Origin and History of the Measures that Led to the Construction of the Erie Canal: Written at the Request of the Buffalo Historical Society, by George Geddes

1870 Map of the New York state canals completed and in progress

1870 Origin of the Erie Canal: Services of Benjamin Wright

1877 "The Erie Canal, and its relations to the City of New York," Scribner's Monthly 25(1):117-125 (November, 1877)

1898 Millions of the People's Dollars Lost!: A Startling Array of Facts.  Report of the Canal Investigation Commission

1900 Report of the Committee on Canals of New York State

1905 Location of barge canal and harbor at Rochester, N.Y report, by Lyman Edgar Cooley

1906 History of the Canal System of the State of New York, Together with Brief Histories of the Canals of the United States and Canada, Volume 1, by Noble E. Whitford | Volume 2 | Also here | and here |

1908 Annual Report of the Superintendent of Public Works on the Canals of the State for the year ended September 30, 1908 and on the Trade and Tonnage of the Canals for the year 1908. | 1915 | 1917 | 1918 | 1919 | 1920 |

1908 An Historical Review of Waterways and Canal Construction in New York State, by Henry Wayland Hill

1909 Artificial waterways and commercial development (with a history of the Erie canal), by A. Barton Hepburn

1909 Canal enlargement in New York State : papers on the barge canal campaign and related topics

1911 The cost of transportation on the Erie Canal and by rail, by Association of American Railroads. Bureau of Railway Economics

1914 Rochester and its early canal days : reminiscences of the author, while engaged on the New York state water-ways, the Erie, Genesee Valley, Black River, and other lateral canals, by Capt. Horace Pierce Marsh

1915 "The Cost of the Erie Barge Canal," by H. G. Moulton, Journal of Political Economy 23(5):490-500 (May, 1915) | also here |

1915 The Barge Canal System Being Constructed by the State of New York, by Frank M. Williams

1916 The Story of the New York State Canals, by Frank Martin Williams, New York State Engineer and Surveyor,

1918 The New York state canals; the canal as a carrier of coal

1922 History of the Barge Canal of New York State, by Noble E. Whitford

1948 "Rivalry Between the New York Central and the Erie Canal," by David Maldwyn Ellis, New York History 29(3):268-300 (July, 1948)

1949 "Rochester and the Erie Canal," by Blake McKelvey, Rochester History 11(3 & 4):1-24 (July & October, 1949)

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1959 "A traveling school of science on the Erie Canal in 1826," by Samuel Rezneck, New York History 40(3):255-269 (July, 1959)

1961 "Canal Or Railroad?: Imitation and Innovation in the Response to the Erie Canal in Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Boston," by Jules Rubin, Transactions of the American Philosophical Society 51(7):1-106:

1962 "The enterprise of a free people": canals and the Canal Fund in the New York economy, 1792-1838, by Nathan Miller

1966 Erie Water West: A History of the Erie Canal, 1792-1854, by Ronald E. Shaw | Table of Contents | Full text of 1990 edition on line |

1969 Irish immigrant participation in the construction of the Erie Canal, by George J. Svejda

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1990 Erie water west: a history of the Erie Canal, 1792-1854, by Ronald E. Shaw

1990 Canals For A Nation: The Canal Era in the United States, 1790-1860, by Ronald E. Shaw

1993 Common labour: workers and the digging of North American canals, 1780-1860, by Peter Way

1994 "The Great Water Bridges:  The Story of the Magnificent Genesee River Aqueducts," by Donovan A. Shilling, Crooked Lake Review (June, 1994)

1994 "The Genesee Valley Canal," by James Warlick, Rochester History 56(4):1-24 (Fall, 1994)

1997 Common Labor:  workers and the digging of North American canals, 1780-1860, by Peter Way

1997 The Artificial River: The Erie Canal and the Paradox of Progress, 1817-1862, by Carol Sheriff

2000 "Diary of a Young Girl – The Erie Canal in 1822, Part I," Rochester History 62(3):1:27 (Summer, 2000) | Part 2 62(4):1-27 (Fall, 2000) |

2005 Wedding of the Waters: The Erie Canal and the Making of a Great Nation, by Peter L. Bernstein

2009 Bond of Union:  Building the Erie Canal and the American Empire, by Gerald Koeppel | Table of Contents |

2009 Transformative Historical Infrastructures:  The Case of the Erie Canal, by Jamie M. Fischer

2009 Impossible engineering: technology and territoriality on the Canal du Midi, by Chandra Mukerji

2010 "The Erie Canal and Rochester: Past, Present and Future," by Thomas X. Grasso, Rochester History 72(1):1-32 (Spring 2010)

History of the Erie Canal (Documents, Pamphlets, Articles, &c.)

Images of the Erie Canal in Rochester and Vicinity, including pictures of the first and second aqueducts across the Genesee River

Immigrants And The Erie Canal

Research the Erie Canal at the Central Library of Rochester & Monroe County

Erie Canal Genesee Valley Canal  Welland Canal
DeWitt Clinton
Montezuma National Wildlife Refuge
North River Steamboat
Saint Lawrence Seaway James Geddes

1831 An act to incorporate the Rochester Canal and Rail-Road Company.  March 26, 1831.

1832 An act to incorporate the Tonawanda Rail-Road Company.  April 24, 1832.

1835 Address to the people of the state of New York, by New-York and Erie Railroad Convention

1837 "Report &c. to the Board of Directors of the Tonawanda Railroad Company," American Railroad Journal, 6:481-485 (August 5, 1837)

1849 Annual Report on the Railroads of New York (published annually) | 1866 | more | and more |

1851 "The Opening of the Erie Railroad," American Railroad Journal 7(21):321-325 (May 24, 1851)

1853 An act to authorize the consolidation of certain railroad companies.  April 2, 1853.

1853 "Consolidation of the Albany and Buffalo Lines of Railroads," American Railroad Journal 26(17):266-267 (April 23, 1853)

1853 "Consolidation of the Central Lines," American Railroad Journal 26(22):341-342 (May 28, 1853).  Marger agreement

1853 "The New York Central Railroad Company," American Railroad Journal 26(28):351-357 (June 4, 1853).  Complete merger agreement.

1853 "Editorial Correspondence," American Railroad Journal 26(48):673-674 (October 22, 1853).  Journey on the New York Central

1853 Map showing the several railroads consolidated into the New York Central

1854 Map of the Great Central Railway Line of the west and connecting lines.

1855 Report of a Committee Appointed January 4th, 1855: By the Directors of the New York Central Railroad Company, at the Request of the Stockholders, Authorizing Certain Examinations to be Made of the "acts and Doings of the Directors and Treasurer," Subsequent to the Consolidation. October 24, 1855

1855 Map of New York & Erie Rail Road and its connections; the most direct route from New York to all western cities and towns.

1855 Annual report of the New York Central Railroad Company for the year ending September 30th, 1855 | also has links to reports through 1869 | also here |

1856 Map of the rail-roads of the state of New York

1859 Annual Report of the New York Central Railroad Company, this includes reports for 1853 through 1862, plus the consolidation agreement

1860 History of the Railroads and Canals of the United States of America, Volume 1, by Henry Varnum Poor

1876 Map of the New York Central and Hudson River Railroad and its principal connections.

1883 Annual Report of the Buffalo, Rochester and Pittsburgh Railway Company

1885 Railroad Transportation, Its History and Its Laws, by Arthur Twining Hadley

1886 "Discrimination in Railway Rates," by Gerrit L. Lansing, Popular Science Monthly 28 (February, 1886) | Part 2 (March, 1886) |

1893 The New York Central & Hudson River R.R. and connections.

1899 Between the ocean and the lakes; the story of Erie, by Edward Harold Mott

1900 New York Central and Hudson River Railroad map

1909 When railroads were new, by Charles Frederick Carter

1916 The New York Central railroad, 1831-1915

1919 The Railroad Builders: A Chronicle of the Welding of the States, by John Moody

1921 America's greatest railroad system--the New York Central, by Charles Frederick Carter

1921 The greatest highway in the world; historical, industrial and descriptive information of the towns, cities and country passed through between New York and Chicago via the New York Central Lines

1926 The beginnings of the New York Central Railroad; a history, by Frank Walker Stevens.

1932 "Early Railroads of New York," by Edward Hungerford, New York History 13(1):75-89 (January, 1932)

1938 Men and iron; the history of New York Central, by Edward Hungerford.

1940 Investigation of Railroads, Holding Companies, and Affiliated Companies. Preliminary Report, Part 1.  History of the New York Central, etc.

1942 New York Calling, video (20 min) by New York Central Railroad

1944 "The Rochester, New York and Pennsylvania Railroad," by C. F. H. Allen, The Railway and Locomotive Historical Society Bulletin 64:32-34 (May, 1944)

1947 The Road of the Century: The Story of the New York Central, by Alvin Fay Harlow | also here |

1948 "Rivalry Between the New York Central and the Erie Canal," by David Maldwyn Ellis, New York History 29(3):268-300 (July, 1948)

1950 The Big Train, video (26 min) by New York Central Railroad

1953 Railroads of New York: a study of government aid, 1826-1875, Harry Hubert Pierce | also here |

1955 "The Lincoln Inaugural and Funeral Trains," by G. Murray Campbell, The Railway and Locomotive Historical Society Bulletin 93:67-72 (October, 1955)

1967 "'Young Lion of the West', The story of a pioneer railroad locomotive," by Richard F. Palmer, The Railway and Locomotive Historical Society Bulletin 117:48-52 (October, 1967)

1968 "Farewell to the Twentieth Century Limited," by Arthur D. Dubin, The Railway and Locomotive Historical Society Bulletin 119:61-62 (October, 1968)

1968 "Railroads in Rochester’s History," by Blake McKelvey, Rochester History 30(4):1-28 (October, 1968)

1971 "The N. Y. Central Elevates Its Tracks Under Municipal Pressure," by Joseph Barnes, Rochester History 33(1):1-24 (January 1971)

1971 "Coal Trains North: The Rochester and Pittsburgh Railroad Company," by Robert R. Rothfus, The Western Pennsylvania Historical Magazine 54(3):264-273 (July, 1971)   The Rochester and Pittsburgh was one of several railroads competing for the coal trade from western Pennsylvania to the Great Lakes during the 1880's.

1971 Main line to oblivion; the disintegration of New York railroads in the twentieth century, Robert B. Carson. | also here |

1981 The beginnings of the New York Central Railroad : a study of men, money and materials, by Ann Marie Scanlon. PhD dissertation, Syracuse University, August 1981

1999 A nation of steel: the making of modern America, 1865-1925, by Thomas J. Misa

2000 "The Standardization of Track Gauge on North American Railways, 1830-1890," by Douglas J. Puffert, The Journal of Economic History 60(4):933-960 (December, 2000)

2002 Regulating railroad innovation: business, technology, and politics in America, 1840-1920, by Steven W. Usselman

2005 The Gangly Country Cousin Lehigh Valleys Auburn Division, by Herbert V Trice

The Growth of Railroads in the Capital District (in chronological order)

A History of Rochester, New York Railroads , includes nice maps.

New York State Railway Books

Rochester & Eastern Rapid Railway, an electric interurban railway that operated between Rochester N.Y. and Geneva N.Y. from 1903 to 1930.

Rochester & Genesee Valley Railroad Museum is home to the largest collection of historic trains in New York State

Tonawanda Railroad  Auburn and Rochester Railroad Rochester and Syracuse Railroad  Erie Railroad
Erie Railroad Depot New York Central Railroad Penn Central Transportation Company Conrail
Rochester and State Line Railroad Genesee Valley Canal Railroad Western New York and Pennsylvania Railway (1895–1955) Buffalo, Rochester and Pittsburgh Railway
Rochester and Southern Railroad Genesee and Wyoming Railroad Livonia, Avon and Lakeville Railroad Lehigh Valley Railroad Station
Buffalo, Rochester, and Pittsburgh Railway Terminal Pullman Cars
CSX Transportation
Interstate Commerce Commission 20th Century Limited Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters
Cornelius Vanderbilt

Rapid Transit
1853 "The Way to Wealth for Our City is on the Railways Within the City," American Railroad Journal 26:296-297 (May 25, 1853)

1859 A Practical Treatise on Street Or Horsepower Railways: Their Location, Construction and Management: With General Plans and Rules for Their Organization and Operation; together with examinations as to their comparative advantages over the Omnibus System and Inquiries as to Their Value for Investment; Including Copies of Municipal Ordinances Relating Thereto, by Alexander Easton

1890 The Street Railway Gazette 5:27 (February 1890)
The Rochester City and Brighton Street Railway Company has received permission from the council to operate its cars by electricity.  If this permission is granted the company will take up its tram rail and relay its tracks with girder rails; it expects to have 40 electric cars in operation by the first of August, and to change the entire system of horse power to electricity within the next two years.

1899 Souvenir of Rochester its attractions and pleasure resorts, by Rochester Railway Company

1904 The City of Rochester, Appellant, v. Rochester Railway Company, Respondent, 98 App. Div. 521, November, 1904, Appellate Division, Fourth Department

1913 "Public Service as Private Profit: A Study of Rochester's Street Railway in Comparison with the Municipally Owned Lines of Great Britain," by Herman L. Fairchild The Common-good of Civic and Social Rochester 6:236-243 | here | also here |

1962 The Rochester Street Railway, 1859-1906, by Henry Bradford Smith, UR Master's thesis

1968 "Rochester’s Turbulent Transit History," by Henry Bradford Smith and Blake McKelvey, Rochester History 30(3):1-24 (July 1968)

1974 "The Rochester Subway: Experiment in Municipal Transit," by Andrew D. Lipman, Rochester History 36(2):1-24 (April 1974)

1975 Horse car and trolley days in Rochester, 1862-1956, by William Reed Gordon

Rochester Subway

Rochester Railway Company Horse Car
Horse Bus
Electric Streetcars
Rochester Transit Corporation Rochester-Genesee Regional Transportation Authority Rochester Subway Interurban Railways

2008 "Bloomers & Bicycles: Health and Fitness in Victorian Rochester," by Karen McCally, Rochester History 69(2): (Spring 2008)

History of the Bicycle

Highways, Automobiles and Buses | also see Historic Highways of America |
1828 Report from the Engineer appointed to examine a route for a National Road from the City of Washington to the Northwestern frontier of the State of New York, December 29, 1828, 20th Congress, 2nd Session, H.Doc. No. 38 | Map also here |

1897 The standard road-book of New York State: complete road-maps, showing quality of the roads.

1900 "The Horseless Age is With Us," Rochester Democrat and Chronicle, March 26, 1900, Page 10.

1905 "The Great Roads across the Appalachians," by Albert Perry Brigham, Bulletin of the American Geographical Society 37(6):321-339 (1905)

1909 Annual Report of the New York State Commission of Highways

1910 Western New York perpetual route book and official hotel and garage list, by Bert Van Tuyle

1910 5000 miles overland : wonderful performance of a wonderful car : the story of Miss Scott's journey overland by [Gertrude Lyman Phillips].

1914 Report of the New York State Commission of Highways, Volume I

1924 The old Mohawk turnpike book, by Nelson Greene

1959 "The Utica Turnpike Road Company," by Harry F. Jackson, New York History 40(1):18-32 (January, 1959)

1987 Crabgrass Frontier: The Suburbanization of the United States, by Kenneth T. Jackson

1987 Building the American Highway System: Engineers as Policy Makers, by Bruce E. Seely

1994 Down the asphalt path : the automobile and the American city, by Clay McShane.

2010 "The Dwight D. Eisenhower National System of Interstate and Defense Highways: The Road to Success?," by Elisheva Blas, The History Teacher 44(1):147-142 (November, 2010)

The Great Genesee Road

Turnpikes and Toll Roads in Nineteenth-Century America

U.S. Route 20 in New York New York State Thruway Interstate 390 Interstate 490
Interstate 590 Inner Loop Intercity Bus Service
Macadam List of Turnpikes in New York Crabgrass Frontier Interstate Highway System
The Negro Motorist Green Book Driver's Licenses
Ridge Road
Genesee Road
Schoharie Creek Bridge collapse

Aviation and Airports
Departed Flights Old airline timetables

Timetable images More old airline timetables

Greater Rochester International Airport
Cunningham-Hall Aircraft Corporation Mohawk Airlines Flight 121
Airline Deregulation Civil Aeronautics Board

1866 Special Report on Coal: Showing Its Distribution, Classification and Cost Delivered Over Different Routes to Various Points in the State of New York, and the Principal Cities on the Atlantic Coast, by Sylvanos H. Sweet

1869 Railroad, canal, iron and coal map of Pennsylvania, &c.: showing the relative position of the various anthracite and bituminous coal fields, the railroads, canals and navigable waters by which they are connected forming their respective avenues to market, also the furnaces, rolling mills, bloomeries and forges of Pennsylvania and adjoining states : for the Auditor Genls. report on the rail r. & canals of Penna. for 1868

1870 Map showing the connections of the McKean Co. Bituminous coal comps. mineral property at Lafayette. McKean, Co. Pennsylvania: with the great markets of the Canadas, central and western New York & the lakes

1893 Testimony taken before the special Senate committee relative to the coal monopoly.

1918 The New York state canals; the canal as a carrier of coal

1957 The R.G.&.E. Story, A history of Rochester Gas and Electric Company of Rochester, NY.

1963 Rochester: A City of Quality, (video, 27 min) by Rochester Gas & Electric

1970 "The Mystery of Fuel Wood Marketing in the United States," by Arthur H. Cole, The Business History Review 44(3):339-359 (Autumn, 1970)

1971 "Coal Trains North: The Rochester and Pittsburgh Railroad Company," by Robert R. Rothfus, The Western Pennsylvania Historical Magazine 54(3):264-273 (July, 1971)   The Rochester and Pittsburgh was one of several railroads competing for the coal trade from western Pennsylvania to the Great Lakes during the 1880's.

1977 "The Wilsonians as War Managers:  Coal and the 1917-18 Winter Crisis," by James P. Johnson, Prologue 7:193-208 (Winter, 1977)

1977 The coal industry in America : a bibliography and guide to studies, by Robert F. Munn

1983 Networks of power: electrification in Western society, 1880-1930, by Thomas Parke Hughes

1984 "Sources of Energy in Rochester’s History," by Rod Baily, Rochester History 46 (3 & 4):1-24 (July & October, 1984)

1998 "The Development of Gas & Electricity in Rochester," by Ruth Rosenberg-Naparsteck, Rochester History 60(4):1-24 (Fall, 1998)

2000 Petrolia: the landscape of America's first oil boom, by Brian Black

2008 The mantra of efficiency: from waterwheel to social control, by Jennifer Karns Alexander

 Locations of Gas Plants and Other Coal-tar Sites in the U.S. New York State

High Falls Rochester Gas & Electric Ginna Nuclear Plant
Big Inch Pipelines
Tennessee Gas Pipeline

Sports, Entertainment, and Museums
1954 "The Theater in Rochester During Its First Nine Decades," by Blake McKelvey, Rochester History 16(4):1-28 (July 1954)

1955 "The First Century of Art in Rochester -- to 1925," by Blake McKelvey, Rochester History 17(2):1-24 (April, 1955)

1964 Yankee theatre: the image of America on the stage, 1825-1850, by Francis Hodge

1987 "A History of the Circus in Rochester," by Ruth Rosenberg-Naparsteck, Rochester History 49(3):1-24 (July, 1987)

1990 "Baseball in the 19th Century," by Priscilla Astifan, Rochester History 52(3):1-24 (Summer, 1990) | Part Two 62(2):1-12 (Fall, 2000) | Part Three 63(1):1-12 (Winter 2001) | Part Four 63(2):1-12 (Spring 2001) | Part Five 64(4):1-24 (Fall, 2002) |

1994 "David Hochstein – Rochester’s Promising Violinist," by Vincent A. Lenti, Rochester History 56(3):17-24 (Summer, 1994)

2007 Armed forces: masculinity and sexuality in the American war film, by Robert T. Eberwein

2008 Struggling to define a nation: American music and the twentieth century, by Charles Hiroshi Garrett

2013 Sounds of war: music in the United States during World War II, by Annegret Fauser

2016 The Story of Sam Patch, America’s First Professional Waterfall Jumper, by Ella Morton

Sam Patch
Blue Cross Arena
Rochester Americans
Rochester Royals
Rochester Red Wings Silver Stadium Frontier Field New York Black Yankees
Rochester Rattlers Rochester Rhinos Morris Silver Rochester Braves
Rochester Tigers Geva Theater Center Lilac Festival Rochester Community Players
Little Theater George Eastman House and Museum The Strong Museum Genesee County Village and Museum
Sports in Rochester, NY Edgerton Park Arena Rochester Museum and Science Center

Newspapers, Radio, and Television
1922 Rochester journalism forty years ago, by Myron Tuthill Bly

1933 "The Spread of the Newspaper Press in New York Before 1830," by Milton W. Hamilton, New York History 14(2):142-151 (April, 1933)

1950 A Preliminary Investigation of the Effects of Television on the Family, by Raymond J. Murphy. MA Thesis, University of Rochester.

1951 Rochester's TV Guide (March 10-16, 1951)

1970 "Radio and Television in the Life of Rochester," by Blake McKelvey, Rochester History 32(2):1-28 (April 1970)

1996 Selling the air: a critique of the policy of commercial broadcasting in the United States, by Thomas Streeter

2000 The making of American audiences: from stage to television, 1750-1990, by Richard Butsch

2001 Freedom of the air and the public interest: First Amendment rights in broadcasting to 1935, Louise Margaret Benjamin

2002 Radio goes to war: the cultural politics of propaganda during World War II, by Gerd Horten

2004 Listening in: radio and the American imagination, by Susan J. Douglas

2018 "WRUR is on the air:" Seventy years of College Radio at the University of Rochester

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On-line newspaper archives | Democrat and Chronicle (1990 to present) | Library of Congress | Historic NYS Newspapers | Fulton Newspapers |

The North Star (anti-slavery newspaper) The Revolution (newspaper)

Democrat and Chronicle Rochester Times-Union Gannett Company City Newspaper

Architecture and Housing
1883 The Powers fire-proof commercial and fine art buildings, by Alphonso A. Hopkins

1925 "First Families of Rochester and Their Dwellings," by Edward R. Foreman, Publications of the Rochester Historical Society 4:347-351 (1925)

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1964 "Historic Antecedents of the Crossroads Project," by Blake McKelvey, Rochester History 26(4):1-23 (October 1964)

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1991 "The Changing Form and Function of Urban Mansion Districts: The Example of Rochester, New York," by Brian Coffey, Material Culture 23(1):15-25 (Spring, 1991)

1996 Architecture in the family way: doctors, houses, and women, 1870-1900, by Annmarie Adams

1997 "Three Floors and a Basement: Homogeneity and Diversity in an Early Automobile Suburb," by Darrell A. Norris, Material Culture 29(1):25-45 (Spring, 1997) Brighton, New York

2004 Downtown America: a history of the place and the people who made it, by Alison Isenberg

2007 "The Life and Times of Midtown Plaza," by Karen McCally, Rochester History 69(1):1-32 (Spring 2007)

2007 Colored property: state policy and white racial politics in suburban America, by David M. P. Freund

2010 Rochester's Past Futures: Genesee Crossroads

Landmark Society of Western New York

Rochester Architecture, contains black-and-white photographs of Rochester architecture which were assembled for exhibitions held at the Memorial Art Gallery. Most of the views are building exteriors, but there are some interior views. Some images are illustrations of notable Rochester buildings, as well as the Genesee River and its waterfalls.

Powers Building Gannett Building National Register of Historic Places listings in Rochester, New York Blue Cross Arena

Spanish American War
1900 New York in the Spanish-American war 1898 : Part of the report of the Adjutant-General of the State for 1900.

1903 New York and the War with Spain: History of the Empire State Regiments

1951 "Rochester and the Spanish American War," by Patricia E. Fisler, Rochester History 13(2):1-24 (April, 1951)

Spanish-American War Philippine Insurrection

World War I
1917 Our part in the great war, by Arthur Gleason.

1918 Our first year in the great war. by Francis Vinton Greene

1920 How we advertised America; the first telling of the amazing story of the Committee on public information that carried the gospel of Americanism to every corner of the globe, by George Creel

1922 Rochester in History with portraits and Our Part in the World War        

1924 World war service record of Rochester and Monroe County, New York

1930 Rochester in the war work of the American Library Association, by William. F. Yust

1943 "Rochester and World War I," by Sylvia R. Black and Harriett J. Naylor, Rochester History 5(4):1-24 (October, 1943)

1977 "The Wilsonians as War Managers:  Coal and the 1917-18 Winter Crisis," by James P. Johnson, Prologue 7:193-208 (Winter, 1977)

1989 "Rochester During World War One:  Women On The Homefront," by Al Mancini, Rochester History 51(3):1-11 (Summer, 1989)

1989 "Rochester Over There," by Dr. Ellen More, Rochester History 51(3):12-32 (Summer, 1989)

1994 America in the Great War: the rise of the war welfare state, by Ronald Schaffer

1997 Reel patriotism: the movies and World War I, by Leslie Midkiff DeBauche

2004 Over Here: The First World War and American Society, by David M. Kennedy

2008 Unsafe for democracy: World War I and the U.S. Justice Department's covert campaign to suppress dissent, by William H. Thomas

2010 "The U.S. Military and the Influenza Pandemic of 1918–1919," Carol R. Byerly, Public Health Report 125(Suppl3):82-91 (2010) | also see other articles in this issue |

[Records of service in the European War]. Young Men’s Christian Associations, Rochester N.Y. [1922?]. Contains listing of names of those from Monroe and Livingston counties who served in the YMCA of Rochester N.Y. during the first World War, along with completed information forms of participants. Also contains a history of the Municipal Museum Rest &Recreation Room.

World War I United States home front during World War I
1918 Influenza Pandemic Red Scare

Four Minute Men

World War II
1943 "Rochester’s First Year in the War for Survival," by Blake McKelvey, Rochester History 5(1):1-24 (January, 1943)

1978 "Restricted Areas: German Prisoner-of-War Camps in Western New York, 1944–1946," by George T. Mazuzan and Nancy Walker, New York History 59(1):54-72 (January, 1978)

1986 American nuclear guinea pigs: three decades of radiation experiments on U.S. citizens | also here |

1993 "Rochester in World War Two: The Kodakids," by Mary Jo Lanphear Barone, Rochester History 55(4):21-44 (Fall, 1993)

1993 "Rochester High Schools and the War Effort," by Jeffrey Scott Brown, Rochester History 55(4):1-20 (Fall, 1993)

1994 "Not in Our Back Yard – POW Encampment at Cobbs Hill," by Terry Lehr, Rochester History 56(3):3-16 (Summer, 1994)

1999 The Plutonium Files, by Eileen Welsome

1999 Their day in the sun: women of the Manhattan Project, by Ruth Howes and Caroline L. Herzenberg

2009 German POWs on the American Homefront, by J. Malcolm Garcia

2004 "Arsenal of Freedom – Part One: Rochester Products that Helped Win World War II," by Bob Marcotte, Rochester History 66(1):1-36 (Winter, 2004)

2004 "Arsenal of Freedom – Part Two: Rochester War Plant Workers During World War II, by Bob Marcotte, Rochester History 66(2):1-32 (Spring, 2004)

2010 "Prisoners of War Camps in Rochester - Were they humane?" by Ryan McKelvie, St. John Fisher College

2011 "Operation Pied Piper: The Evacuation of English Children During World War II," by Dwight John Zimmerman

The Manhattan Project: A New and Secret World of Human Experimentation

Atomic Heritage Foundation - University of Rochester 

World War II Manhatttan Project German prisoners of war in the United States
United States home front during World War II The Plutonium Files

Korean War
1976 Korean War Scrapbook, Volume 1 | Volume 2 |

Korean War

Vietnam War
1986 "A City in Conflict: Rochester During the Vietnam War," by Ruth Rosenberg-Naparsteck, Rochester History 48(3&4):1-48 (July & October, 1986)

Vietnam War Opposition to United States involvement in the Vietnam War

1612 Map of New France by Samuel Champlain

1632 Map of New France by Samuel Champlain

1656 Le Canada, ou Nouvelle France, & c., ca. 1656, par Nicholas Sanson d'Abbeville

1684 Franquelin's map of Louisiana.

1685? British Map of North America

1771 Map of the Country of the Six Nations

1774 Map of British North America, from Shepherd (1923)

1804 Map of the State of New York

1804 Map of the United States, exhibiting the post-roads, the situations, connections & distances of the post-offices, stage roads, counties & principal rivers

1808 A map of the State of New York : compiled from the latest authorities : including the turnpike roads now granted, as also the principal common roads connected therewith : intended as well for the student in geography as a directory to the traveller

1809 Western New York in 1809

1812 Map of the northern part of the state of New York

1814 Map of Hundred Acre Tract

1814 Map of the United States

1817 Map of the Original One Hundred Acre Tract

1820 Map of part of New York State between Albany and Buffalo : showing Erie Canal and other transportation routes

1820 Map of the village of Rochester in 1820: as drawn by the publisher from actual survey published by Horatio N. Fenn (1856)

1823 Map of New York

1823 Map of the western part of the state of New York | another copy | and another |

1824 Map of the state of New York

1826 The Traveller's pocket map of New York : from the best authorities

1827 Voyage du Général Lafayette aux États-Unis. June 7, 1825: Marquis de Lafayette stops in Rochester on his tour of the United States.

1827 Map of Rochester by E. Johnson

1829 Map of the County of Monroe

1830 A Connected View of The Whole Internal Navigation of the United States.

1832 Map of Rochester from a correct survey

1833 Map of the City of Rochester

1834 Map of the railroads and canals, finished, unfinished, and in contemplation, in the United States

1838 Rochester City.from New York Atlas | North Part | South Part |

1839 Map of New York exhibiting the post offices, post roads, canals, rail roads &c

1840 Map of the County of Monroe

1850 Disturnell's new map of the United States and Canada : showing all the canals, rail roads, telegraph lines and principal stage routes

1852 Map of Rochester from a correct survey

1852 Map of Monroe County

1853 Map of the various channels for conveying the trade of the north west to the Atlantic sea-board exhibiting the tributaries & drainage of the trade into each and the effect of the enlargement of the Erie Canal, illustrating the position taken by William J. McAlpine, C.E. in his Annual Report as State Engineer and Surveyor of the State of New York, 1853.

1855 Map of the state of New-York showing its water and rail road lines. Jan 1855, by direction of John T. Clark State Engineer & Surveyor.

1858 Gillette's map of Monroe Co., New York : from actual surveys

1864 Lloyd's New Map of the United States, the Canadas and New Brunswick, showing every Railroad.

1870? Map of the city of Rochester : from Cornells' Maps : to accompany Boyd's Rochester and six county directory

1872 Map of Rochester : from the latest surveys

1872 Post Route Map Of The State Of New York

1879 Map of the City of Rochester

1880 View of Rochester, New York

1887 Map of Monroe County, New York

1888 Robinson's atlas of the city of Rochester, Monroe County, New York

1890? Despatch, N.Y., Rochester's great industrial suburb

1892 Sanborn Fire Insurance Map from Rochester, Monroe County, New York, Volume 1 | Volume 2 | Volume 3 |

1893 "Rochester NY Quadrangle," USGS Topographical Map

1895 Map of the state of New York showing the location of the original land grants, patents and purchases.| also here |

1895 Map of the City of Rochester

1900 Plat book of the city of Rochester, New York

1902 Plat Book of Monroe County New York, including the City of Rochester

1910 Birdseye view of Rochester and Despatch

List of Plat Maps in Rochester Images | Individual maps |

City of Rochester Historic Map Viewer, shows 1888, 1900, 1910, and 1935 plat maps overlaid on current map.

Office of the Monroe County Historian Map Collection

Rochester Public Library Local History Division Map Collection

Maps of Rochester Railroads

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Rochester History Journal

Local History and Genealogy at the Rochester Public Library

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Mt. Hope Famous Residents

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Genesee county maps

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Basic Sources for Rochester History

Laws of the State of New York 1638-1922

1897 Index to the Session Laws of the State of New York with All Changes and Modifications Noted and Under a Single Alphabet from Session of 1775 Down to Session of 1897

Publications of the Rochester Historical Society
1892 Volume 1. | Table of Contents |

1898 Volume 2. Sketch of the Public and Private Life of Samuel Miles Hopkins, of Salem, Connecticut

Rochester Historical Society Publication Fund Series
1922 Volume 1 | Table of Contents |

1923 Volume 2 | Table of Contents |

1924 Volume 3 (snippet) | Table of Contents |

1925 Volume 4 (snippet) | Table of Contents |

1926 Volume 5 (snippet) | Table of Contents |

1927 Volume 6 (snippet) | Table of Contents |

1928 Volume 7 (snippet) | Table of Contents |

1929 Volume 8 (snippet) | Table of Contents |

1930 Volume 9 (snippet) | Table of Contents |

1931 Volume 10 Centennial History of Rochester, N.Y.  Volume I - Beginnings  (snippet) | Table of Contents |

1932 Volume 11 Centennial History of Rochester, N.Y.  Volume II -  Home Builders (snippet) | Table of Contents |

1933 Volume 12 Centennial History of Rochester, N.Y.  Volume III - Expansion (snippet) | Table of Contents |

1934 Volume 13 Centennial History of Rochester, N.Y.  Volume IV - Jubilee (snippet) | Table of Contents |

1936 Volume 14 (snippet) | Table of Contents |

1937 Volume 15 General Index to Volumes 1-14 (snippet)

1937 Volume 16 (snippet) | Table of Contents | Part I - The History of Rochester Libraries; Part II - Lewis H. Morgan's European Journal

1939 Volume 17 (snippet) | Table of Contents | Part I - The History of Education in Rochester; Part II - Selected Articles on Rochester History

1940 Volume 18 (snippet) | Table of Contents | Part I - Foreign travelers' notes on Rochester and the Genesee country before 1840; Part 2 - Nurseries, farm papers, and selected Rochester episodes.

1941 Volume 19 (snippet) | Table of Contents | Charles Williamson: Genesee Promoter - Friend of Anglo-American Rapprochement, by Helen I. Cowan

1942 Volume 20 (snippet) | Table of Contents | Part I - Reminiscences of Rochester in the Nineties; Part II - William Berczy's Williamsburg Documents

1943 Volume 21 (snippet) | Table of Contents | Part I - Letters Postmarked Rochester: 1817-1879; Part II - Selected Articles

1944 Volume 22 (snippet) | Table of Contents | Rochester in the Civil War

1946 Volume 23 (snippet) | Table of Contents | Part I - The Life and Work of Jane Marsh Parker, by Marcelle LeMénager Lane; Part II - Water Power Documents, by Lewis H. Morgan, Dwight Porter, and others; ; "Lewis Henry Morgan on the flour mills and water power at Rochester," by Paul Kosok; "The flour mills, and flour manufacture of Rochester," by Lewis Henry Morgan; "Additional water power documents," by Natalie F. Hawley; "Power at Rochester," by Dwight Porter.

1948 Volume 24 (snippet) | Table of Contents | Henry A. Ward: Museum Builder to America, by Roswell Ward.

1972 Volume 25 (worldcat) | Table of Contents | Part I - The Architecture of Andrew Jackson Warner in Rochester, New York, by Susanne Keaveney Maruoka; Part II - The Importance in Early Iron Skeleton Construction of the Wilder Building (1887-88) in Rochester, New York, and Related Structures, by Lee S. Kimbrough; Part III - The Gothic Revival Chapel of The Sacred Heart (1890), Rochester, New York, by
Carl K. Hersey

The above publications are indexed in Bibliography of the Genesee Region, 1790 to 1990 | Search | Browse | All results |

Annual Reports of the Canal Commissioners for the year
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1861 1862 1863 1864 1865 Vol 38 1866 Vol 39 1867 Vol 40

Historic Highways of America and related books
Volume 1 - Paths of the mound-building Indians and great game animals
Volume 2 - Indian Thoroughfares, (includes the Iroquois Trail through the Six Nations)
Volume 3 - Washington's Road. The First Chapter of the Old French War
Volume 4 - Braddock's road and three relative papers
Volume 5 - The Old Glade (Forbes's) road
Volume 6 - Boone's Wilderness road
Volume 7 - Portage paths, the keys of the continent (includes New York portages)
Volume 8 - Military roads of the Mississippi Basin : the conquest of the Old Northwest
Volume 9 - Water ways of Westward expansion
Volume 10 - The Cumberland Road
Volume 11 - Pioneer Roads and Experiences of Travelers (Volume I)
Volume 12 - Pioneer roads and experiences of travelers (Volume II) (includes The Genesee Road)
Volume 13 - The great American canals (volume 1) The Chesapeake and Ohio Canal and the Pennsylvania Canal
Volume 14 - The great American canals (volume 2) The Erie Canal
Volume 15 - The future of road-making in America
Volume 16 - Index
The old National Road a chapter of American expansion
The Highways of Commerce. Part I:  The Paths of Indian Commerce, by Archer B.Hubert
The Highways of Commerce. Part II:  The Railroad Builders, by John Moody
The Niagara River, by Archer B. Hulbert
The Ohio River: a course of empire, by Archer Butler Hulbert

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